Three things I'd like to talk about... but otherwise a great game

#1 I definitely agreed with Pittman to go for it on 4th down. I was saying do just that. The difference was I would not have tried to quick snap it. I’d have brought in BIG number 20… tried to draw them offsides then handed it to Dominique Johnson or had KJ run it. Never been a fan of the quick snap unless used to catch too many players on the field of play.

#2 The entire time Gary Daniels and the booth were showing replays and trying to figure out if the receiver for TA&M was pushed out or went out on his own, they were looking at the wrong guy. They totally missed that. They were looking at the guy running down the sideline. The guy who caught the ball came across the middle and turned up the sideline behind the guy they were watching and he did go out of bounds. The announcers totally missed it and never noticed they were wrong.

#3 On the play that Hornsby ran the ball down to the 2yd line, bowed up and hit the guy instead of going out of bounds and was then pushed out… well… when he was clearly out of bounds he was hit again in the back by a defender and it should have been a late hit!!! If the teams had been reversed I’d have bet it would have been.

Otherwise those are my only real nit picks with what turned out to be a tense but great Hog victory…

Gotta say Pittman is making these players HOG TOUGH



Lots of penalties called both ways, and the critical call went our way for once. That would have been tough to overcome if they reversed the pick.

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Razorback football is back. We still play in the toughest division in the toughest conference in the country, but now we’re among the top tier. We should beat both LSU & MSU. Should beat MU & AU. Win just one agiainst Bama, UGA, & OM and we’re at 10 wins. That’s still a tall order, but doable. I wouldn’t have said that even this morning.

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Yes. That pick was huge. I was afraid they’d reverse it. We’ve had more obvious calls go against us.

It was the right call. Even the special analyst said the call shouldn’t be reversed. It was close, but it looker better than not.

But, if you’re suggesting A&M had the mojo going until the INT, I concur. Timing there was as crucial as I’ve seen.

Tell me, when was the last time we beat A&M and the shorthorns in football in the same season…hmm.

1988, when we went 8-0 in the SWC

Yep. That was my issue. Act like you are going to quick snap it to keep them from subbing? Sure. Actually quick snapping? Not a good call. That made a huge swing in the game.

Totally Monday morning QBing here, if we make it, we are all saying “great call to go quick!”

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I didn’t like the 4th down call. I would’ve rather seen it 20-0 and not give them a chance at any momentum. In the Kevin Kelley debate this is what always stands out to me, the other team just gets such a lift when they stop a 4th down play.

I would have kicked a FG, but certainly understand the decision.

You are correct on points 2 and 3.

I was pro going for it for a couple of reasons. Shows faith in the oline to get a yard and most likely to end the half without giving the ball back plus we get it first in the 2nd half. If we succeed then we have a chance at a TD… I just liked the call and at that point we were rolling and who would have thought 3 points would be so big with a KJ injury.

The snap that went too soon on Hornsby, A&M guy was clapping on the other side of the line and should’ve been called. That’s why on the 3rd and goal Pittman was calling for it then.

If Burks had been ruled to catch that ball Jefferson threw up at two yard line, then game might have been a blowout then, but it shows how hard it is to win in this league. Interception was big just like field goal. Good teams make those plays at right times.

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