Three things I want to get accomplished today...

  1. Update the basketball recruiting list

  2. Covering Arkansas prospects at the Southwest Classic Elite 7-on-7 (already doing this)

  3. Watch Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

For future reference, you should watch Novak Djokovic. He is the most complete and the best player I have seen in 60 years of watching tennis. I follow tennis like no other sport.

I watch Joker all the time.

He is my favorite of the three.

Jimmy Connors remains my favorite

Watching Nadal/Federer also just incredible Tennis!

Better than Jimmy Connors, no way! But I quit watching tennis years ago> So I would not be a good source. :smiley:

I watched Borg. Loved that guy. Chris Evert fan also

I am with you on that.

Glad to see my boy RF win! The GOAT!

You’re obviously of my “vintage” - those were my favorites back in the day also.

On a time-related note, Lee Trevino was my favorite golfer back then - loved to see he and Jack hook up in the final round of a tournament. I always had great respect for Nicklaus’ talent and mental game, but Lee was someone I just related better to. And, Lordy, could he get that golf ball to do special things.

Federer in his prime is the greatest. I don’t think I have ever seen anybody play his sport to the level he did. He is nearing 40 and is still a great player, but when he was 25 he had basically mastered his sport. I never thought I would see a better player than Pete Sampras, but Federer was clearly better than Pete.

I like Djokovic…he reminds me of Skreech Powers of Saved by the Bell fame.

I was a big Jack Nicklaus fan but you had to love Trevino. Never liked McEnroe. Too much of a baby. Borg was classy and quiet. That is exactly why I can’t stand players like Westbrook, Mayfield, and even as a Steeler fan Antonio Brown. Let your results talk and you don’t have to.

Djokovic is already a better player than Federer in pure tennis skills, as most tennis experts see it. If he stays healthy, he should be able to surpass most tennis records. He would be already close to the total majors record or own it, if he had not gone out “chasing meaning of life” from June 2016 till early 2018. During that time Federer and Nadal were able to collect 3 slams each. Don’t think those two would have won that many, if Djokovic was not out wandering with a spiritual guru.

Djokovic has already done things that Federer never did, like holding all four majors and win every Masters event.

Federer won a lot of his majors right after Sampras retired and Agassi was in the twilight of his career and there was a vacuum at the top, with Andy Roddick as the only threat. It us amazing what Djokovic has done with Federer and Nadal at their peak.

However, you can never predict what happens in the future. Djokovic may hook up with the spiritual guru again. So, until Djokovic beats those records, Federer remains the greatest.