Three things I am happy about today

#1 - Being 1-0 is so much better than being 0-1.

#2 - Thrilled to finally see kickoffs that are deep or out of the endzone… been missing that for years!!

#3 - Without a doubt, we were the better conditioned team today. Maybe Sam knew what he was doing when they chose to play at 1pm in the afternoon.


When we had to win, we won. We’ve lacked that spark potential the last few years.

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The same kick off guy consistently put it in the end zone last year. About the only good thing special teams did.

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The field goal was huge and we needed it.
The blocked field goal was enough to get someone fired.
Does our special teams coach understand how to prepare and coach the team how to play to PREVENT a block.
If we have that happen again this year, he should be replaced.

Punt was blocked.

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I love the kickoffs sent to or beyond the endzone, though honestly on two or three kicks I never saw where the ball went. I don’t know if it was that far out of the end zone or just me.

Limiting kickoff return chances for the other team is definitely a big advantage. Certainly a lot better than the kickoffs that often dropped at about the 20 yard line in years past before we had much of anyone near it.

Getting punts blocked routinely is simply unacceptable. It can’t be allowed to continue.

Agree with all of your points.
The depth on this years team will make the hogs a better 4 th quarter team.
The linebacker play today was solid even with the loss of Morgan early and the loss of Pool late in the game.

Most of our KO returns were stopped on the 20 or worse. We had one good return. Getting a touchback or fair catch would have been better. But kudo’s for the bravery of the return men.

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The blocked punt was a missed blocking assignment Pittman acknowledging that in his PC. You want to blame the special teams coach or the kid who missed his blocking assignment?


The player that missed the block is a lot more upset than we are! I just hope we see improved special teams play as the season moves forward.

It’s real simple, the buck stops with the coach. If he can’t get the right players in the right place to do the right thing then either find a player that does the job or pack your bags and CSP can find a replacement. Like Coach Pittman said, “we have to be one on those teams that isn’t having punts blocked.” Any CEO knows he will ultimately be held responsible for failure. Sh!t and heads roll down hill.

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A player screwed up. Coach Pittman will get it corrected .

Yes, a coach has to fix things, but it’s unreasonable to blame a coach for every mistake a player makes in a game. Even well prepared teams screw up. Especially in the first game.

Not blaming so much as calling a spade a spade. The ultimate decider will be CSP, but I bet if we have another punt blocked we will have a change at coaching in sPecial TEAMS. It wouldn’t get shrugged off at Alabama. Coach Pittman threw down the gauntlet during his presser.

When it happened, I thought that the Special Teams Coach’s just got real warm. That cannot be allowed to happen and will get you beat real quick.

I do think ST did pretty well other than the block.

We had four kickoff returns, all by Bishop: to the 28, the 23, the 21 and the 43. So none of them were stopped inside the 20.


Yes. And we returned some punts. The blocked punt was big, but the ST’s seem better than last year.

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