Three SEC teams in the supers already

Hogs, Auburn and Vandy. Georgia, SoCar, Wallets and OM are on the doorstep. And Moo U will have winner take all tomorrow unless their bullpen does the alltime meltdown.

But the SEC is sooooo overrated…

Was wishing that Ole Miss would come up short, but bring them on anyway if they make Omaha.

Yeah, if we both get there that’s our first game at CWS. We already know we can beat them with Knight. Bring it on.

Won’t they seed the teams that make it?
I really don’t care who we play first. Just make it! Win the supper next week.

Nope. Bracket is set. The four SEC teams that got national seeds are all on the same side of the bracket. Florida would play Georgia and we’d play OM.

Assuming OM wins its regional—quite likely—they host the whorns in Austin. Either way, we’ll face a team I detest.

It would be nice to beat the rednecks on any occasion.

Indiana batting in the bottom of the ninth against the Fallopians, down 3-2. And they get a leadoff single. Go Hoosiers!

(This is the first and possibly last time I ever intentionally watch Bevonet.)

Bases loaded, one out, Fallopians take out their closer and bring in their Friday starter. Base hit now would win it for IU.

Nice. Texas OF thought he’d made a catch in foul ground for the winning out, but as he came away from the stands, the ball flew out of his glove as he celebrated. No catch. Game continues.

But Texas got the strikeout three pitches later. Cows win.