Three Point Shooting concerns

Could it be the Hogs will shoot better beyond the arc against real competition other than against themselves?
I ask because this year’s team appears to be taller, longer, more athletic and better defensively. Which could be why they shot poorly in the R-W game and against each other in practice…and why CSM is not worried about it.
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All I will say is there is a reason Muss smiles (like a Cheshire cat) when he tells the media this team can’t hit the broad side of a barn. He knows what he has…and he loves it.

I expect they’ll shoot fairly well from long distance in BWA as the new guys become accustomed to the sightlines … but this team is being built for road wins - attacking the rim and getting to the foul line - without being dependent on getting hot from 3pt-land … Alabama is an example of a team that will struggle to win if they’re not hitting perimeter shots


Very astute observation.
UA…Campus of Champions

Actually Alabama’s style is to drive to the hoop and either dish it out to a wide open three point shooter or go to the hoop and make the bucket or get fouled. I wonder if that is going to be our style with AB and Nick driving to the hoop. I think our guys can probably make 40% of wide open threes.

Bama’s style is kinda gimmicky. I have a hard time deciding if I think Oates is a good coach or not lol.

There is a definite question mark there. Next few years will tell.

Oates has a talented group of kids so I think Bama will win enough games to get an at-large bid. Likely a borderline top 25-30 team for most of the season. He has proven himself to be a solid recruiter at least, even if his coaching at times is questionable. Although Oates did miss the recruiting boat on Barry Dunning Jr. Oh well his loss our gain.

He did pick up a projected lottery pick in 6-9 Brandon Miller. Nick and he are the only freshmen on SEC preseason teams. The reason I bring it up is that Nick thought hard about playing at Bama with his AAU teammate Miller, per Bob Holt’s article today,

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