Three plays that made this an excruciatingly close game

  1. The targeting call on Sosa. Losing Sosa was huge. Without that play we likely stop that drive and we have seen the past two weeks how valuable #3 is to our Defense. We are practically defenseless without him.

  2. The Nance catch that ended the half. Another inch, another 7 points and some momentum at halftime.

  3. The backwards pass. If Stewart makes any kind block or if the pass is a foot or so more forward, they don’t get the scoop and score and real sense that they can win this game.

Without these 3 plays I think we would have had a routine win. Probably a 30+ point win and CBB would not be fearing for his job after a win. Life can be cruel sometimes, but the man still has a beautiful wife and child and a lot of dough. Things could be worse. 6-6, 7-5 is still mathematically possible, though highly unlikely.

Both of those roughing the passer extended drives. But you are right about the others. I thought Enos should have kept pounding north and south and using TJ and Whaley. Nance made a huge 4 th down catch or we would have been beat.

Not seeing AA tells me that he is not healthy.

We need LSU and Bama to play some overtime and bruise up the tigers a little.

6-6 is what I think the records ends up being.

Our defense is to soft!

We also fumbled on the 2 on our last drive. What if we hadn’t gotten that back? It goes both ways.

Army I wish I shared your belief in 6-6. I really don’t think we will win any of these final 3.

I actually agree with the comment on Enos. He has had a terrible week with his father’s passing and the aftermath I am sure. But I thought he tried to get way too cute on offense. They had no answer for our physicality…but we chose to play finesse quite alot.