Three Okie Lite players test positive for virus

This is why I’m not comfortable with our plan not to test players upon their arrival. All three OSU players were asymptomatic. I fully expect that we’ll have some asymptomatic carriers show up next week, but we may not catch them.

Agree. Everyone should be tested as they come back. Will cut down on surprises later.

Unpleasant surprises and possible rapid spread among teammates.

Has HY directly answered why we are not testing upon arrival?

As I understand it that was the guidance they got from the SEC task force. From Tom Murphy’s story last Thursday:

“I’m sure many of you will want to know about testing,” Yurachek said. “We will not test all of our student-athletes when they return to campus. That’s following [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines. That’s following the guidelines that the SEC medical task force provided to us. … We will be testing student-athletes who are symptomatic following our daily screening process, and those student-athletes who are returning from any CDC-identified hot spots.”

Might be time to revise that protocol.