Three hours to the Dance

Actually three-plus to our game, and I find myself with a little bit of butterflies, because I think this team is capable of a decent run if we don’t screw this up today. A high-percentage team from deep always has a puncher’s chance in the tournament. I think there will be a lot of points today (the O/U is 161.5 and I think that’s low).


Some idiot scheduled a meeting right as the game starts, right in the middle of my lunch and I cant cancel it.

I’m excited about this team. I would be heartbroken if we lost today. I wouldn’t be surprised. I am a long suffering Hog Fan after all and nothing negative surprises me anymore.


Let’s win this!!

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I had a meeting scheduled at 11 AM ET today, 90 minutes away from me. The meeting would be over before tipoff, but I would be driving home the entire first half. BUT I can attend the meeting virtually. So I will stay home, log in at 11 (wearing my Hog shirt) and have time to get lunch before the game.

I will be watching during my lunch hour

But second half will be a problem
(That whole patient thing)

Would be great to be up big by halftime

Dedicated hog fan there Swine! It seems like the butterflies are natural.
Our hogs will be prepared. All the pressure is on the hogs! They are capable of a deep run they just need to stay focused and play solid defense. They can get the shots they will fall to advance.

Same here on the butterflies, I really like the composition of this team and our depth can be pretty salty at times coming off the bench. WPS

I’m taking off early but my wife will be home asleep. She works nights are our bedroom is downstairs. I informed her to sleep with her earplugs today!

I put a small wager on the hogs to cover plus the under at 162. I don’t see them scoring a ton of points on us.

Go Hogs!

We all seem to be a little antsy. Opening games are super important in a lose-go-home proposition.

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There is so much riding on this game. All of this final 4 talk and upsets has everyone antsy.

Personally think it will be a tight game until the last 5 minutes as we pull away to a 12 point win.

I also thought the game at South Carolina would be tight, and we crushed them. Can we do the same today?

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