Three guys that intrigue me most…

…considering Frank Broyles’ famous saying, “Luck follows speed”. The three guys are Hornsby, A.J. Green and Sategna. Three guys that can change field position in one play…three guys that can turn a bad play into a touchdown. Three guys with the asset we’ve watched for 30 years in the SEC….three guys with speed.
I find it interesting that the coaches have talked almost none about Hornsby at WR (other than an offhand remark about, yes, he’s getting some reps there.) You know he’s gotten reps at WR far greater than they’ve discussed. Whether at WR or qQB, he’s a huge threat.
A.J. will get extra carries with Johnson out. He showed us several times last year that he can break tackles and fly.
Sategna comes with a talent very few speed burning freshman have: ball skills.
I’m a pessimist by nature….I still think seven wins is our most likely outcome. But these three, to me, could be the difference makers.


Really intrigued to see what AJ Green looks like at kickoff return this year after a full preseason on the field. He’s dynamic and a blur when at 100%, and Arkansas needs a game-changer at that spot.


AJ better do it while he can because as soon DJ is healthy enough to go he’s going to get a lot of AJ carries and that’s a shame because every time AJ touches the ball he can take it to the house so hopefully he’ll do that a couple of times and he can keep getting seven or eight carries a game. I have heard he has improved his pass blocking so that should help him get on the field more.
Should be no excuse not to get Satenga several pass routes each game to see if he can break loose.

I don’t know Hornsby will be that effective bc every time he comes in the game they’re going to the looking for the ball to going to him.

I’m glad we got all 3 because they are game changers.

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With the added size and hopefully corresponding strength, AJ seems well situated to be an explosive weapon both on offense and in the return game.

Sounds like Hornsby can be used effectively as a decoy in some situations.


Or block.

Actually, I really like his speed, but he needs the opportunities to make an impact moving the stakes.

Rocket is the stud. He has speed and everything else. Intrigue be (blank). Rocket is the best back and does more than intrigue.

We used to be lucky to have one guy who “might” be able to make a difference. Now we have a plethora of them, though you are welcome to focus on just three. Until (and if) injuries step in, we now have quality backups in (almost?) every position to wear out the guys on the other team if they cannot match our depth. Until I see different (and hopefully I won’t), I am very optimistic going into this year, killer schedule or not. I may be drinking “cool aid”, but it sure tastes like top shelf bourbon to me! What a difference a very few years make in almost every Arkansas sport outlook.

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You want to be three deep. That’s hard but gotta get there. If you lose someone, it’s likely a freshman is gonna play a lot. Not a good thing in trenches.

How could any offensive line be three deep? That would take 15 players who were ready to play (presumably freshman would be deemed not ready to play)…

Doesn’t take 15 lineman to be three-deep. Instead, you need about 8, maybe 9. When those guys can play multiple spots on the front, it’s similar to having three-deep. Your second-team tackle may be the first-team guard. That’s what they’re building towards…those top 8 or 9 guys.

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And you train all of them on the shotgun snap. If they learn center, they know it all up front.

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Rocket was the best last year, and there’s no reason to believe that he won’t be the best again if healthy this year. I love Johnson’s ability to punish tacklers and also show more wiggle and burst than you would expect. He can be a game closer.

. I was really encouraged by what Dubinon flashed in the spring, as he showed signs of being able to do a lot of things well. I think Green will get a few more chances this year, and I expect he will produce some chunk plays.

One thing about Rocket is that he is fairly tall for a RB, and I do worry that sometimes he takes more punishment because he maybe runs a little high. It’s nice to have a lot of depth just in case.

I wonder how much play calling input our TE coach has? With his experience with Nutt’s offense and the depth and talent at RB, I wonder if we might see some of those plays re-emerge this year?

Rocket runs high? I did not see that in the spring. If he did that last year, it’s gone.

Honestly I did not notice it in the spring footage. But I do recall there were several games last fall where he was hitting holes too high. Not every down, but at times he was giving defenders a fairly long target when he was running through heavy traffic around the line. If that has been corrected. (and I liked the way our young RBs seemed to be getting coached up on technique as the season progressed last year) that’s really good for the team and for Rocket’s football future.

Ummmm…no. This is Briles’ system. Nothing from Nutt’s tenure will be in it. We had a great running game last year that led the P5 and SEC in rushing. Why change anything?

Some of Nutt’s offense re-emerge…LOL!!!

Rocket is not a natural running back because he played mostly receiver in high school he will get better and better as he goes. I expect him to do a lot better this year than he did last year. He is still learning the subtleties of being a great RB

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What I saw of Rocket in the spring, he knows how to be a running back. Not natural? He looks natural to me. He runs with a forward body lean when needed. I believe he scored some TDs in the bowl game when he looked pretty good.


If we are still talking speed, what about Matt Landers. I don’t know if we have a 100 meter time for him like we do for Sategna, Green or Hornsby but the DB’s have mentioned how fast he is in several articles.
Does he have elite speed? Enough to break away any time he gets the ball?
We may have more players with breakaway speed than ever before.

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