And very easily. FL didn’t really have to work that hard at it. Made it look like a scrimmage. Unfortunate.

Yes sir.

Well, as we say most years… we have a lot of talent coming in next year… or the year after that… then we’ll get 'em.
Just never seems to pan out… not sure if the talent is just not as good as advertised or if it’s coaching but something has to change. We don’t make the tournament this year that would be 2 in 8 i think. If the football team went to 2 bowls in 8 years we’d well… fire the coach long before that.

This team looked so good early and I would have never thought they would look this bad - but they do. Don’t see a lot of fight in them. Will be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes…

Barford loss a fan tonight… His play the last 3-minutes was bad bad bad!

I think they can find who they were. But they better hurry up. Who they were better show up hold down the house, and more importantly, who they were must show up on these up coming road games.

They can still turn around. In needs to be in the same instant they lost who they were.