“Throw the ball more!” - check
“Open up the offense! WIDE OPEN!” - check
“Get Starkel in at QB!” - check

I have heard people on this board, other boards, and on the radio scream those three things over and over. We did all those things. Didn’t work so well.

Now, I will concede, the QB “battle” seems to be over. At least I hope it is It had better be. Starkel is now the man. He just has to learn the offense. having weekly gameplans with a specific play set will help.

And I have no problem throwing the ball plenty. So long as its supported by an effective running game. Otherwise we can’t pass block.

As for the offense being “wide open”,I don’t even know what people mean by that…but if they mean trick plays…we had those aplenty. And they all backfired. If they mean going empty…well…we can’t block that very well yet.

You gotta run what you can execute. I agree with Geno in the postgame. We gotta get some running plays that our o-line can master…Boyd should go for over 100 every game.

I actually support the Wildcat scheme…and I think it can and will work if we can get the speed sweep component of that to work. Tonight, they stuffed that. So it was obvious Boyd was gonna keep. And they just blitzed off the edge.

All is not lost. Season is young. Some said this game was Waterloo for Morris. That was silly. It was a night, away, SEC game.

NEXT WEEK is Waterloo. All 3 non-conference games are must wins. Absolutely. Win all those and we can still pick up an sec win or two.

Our young kids just gotta grow up. There is talent. You can see it.

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I agree about Colorado State being Waterloo. Unfortunately, they are as good as Ole Miss in my opinion and their QB is better - very good player.

It will be a difficult game to win even with considerable improvement from game two to three.

I sure hope you are right. With Morris, I’m not going to believe until I see it. Wouldn’t surprise me to hear him say Sunday night, on his show, that the starting QB battle is ongoing and one will have to earn it in practice this week.

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That might actually be his “public” stance…but I will be shocked speechless…and anyone that knows me can attest I am never speechless…if Starkel is not the starter from here on out. Assuming . he is healthy.

I bet you’ll be speechless next week

Nah. Starkel will start next week. We might get beat anyway. But he will start. SURELY! Morris has eyes. Morris saying he didn’t want to address that right now last night was just that…he didn’t want to deal with it right then. I am sure he’s grown tired of that question being almost the only thing that comes out of Bob Holt’s mouth.

I suspect the OC is the one with unwavering loyalty to Hicks. He’s the one who said Hicks was like a little brother. Or even a son.

Yeah, but he had no problems addressing that last week after Portland St. there was a rumor floating around that Craddock wanted Starkel, and Morris wanted Hicks. I know a lot of people are saying it’s not true, but I’m not seeing the same “he’s our guy” from Morris towards Starkel when everyone else sees it.

I think Morris doesn’t want to admit he was wrong

Dunno where we are headed in the Morris era. I’ve watched or been all the games. Yes, I’ve seen some slight improvement this year. However, I was really depressed after watching the first half of last night’s game. Too me, the offensive game plan wasn’t what I expected. It sure didn’t fool OM. Even the announcers knew when we were going to run. Yes, Hicks was the QB but was he subject to a very poor first half game plan? It wasn’t until we started throwing down field that our offense moved the ball and Starkel was QB.

I believe Starkel deserves the start for the CSU and certainly we need a much better offensive game plan. I beginning to lose faith in this offensive staff. I’ll wait and see what happens in the remaining games.

agree with all points made here. Better fix our fundamental mistakes also. We will beat Colorado State.