Our O-Line play has improved each week including this game but not fast enough to hold a very good SEC Defense.

Arkansas was so worried about the pass that Trevor Knights athletic ability was on display.

5 of our next 6 games are at home. The next game may see Ty Storey get his first start against over-matched opponent, allowing AA a week to rest that bruised chest.

I suspect from here on out Devwah will get the majority of the #2 snaps behind Williams.

I agree. We just played a team that has stockpiled tons of talent and is going to beat some people if they don’t go in the ditch like Aggies do. Their Dline was a little better in the interior than I expected and their Oline was WAY better than expected.

Our Oline needs to gain some confidence against Alcorn St. We better get our backup LB’s some exrtended playing time against Alcorn.

The smart move is to sit him. I love CBB but he has a blind spot with regard to getting his backup QB some time.

Austin needs to sit and get healthy.

Storey needs reps.

But, I’m sure we will play Austin for a half.

I would think it ok to let AA play at least 1 to 1-1/2 quarters at the most against Alcorn St, IF he is physically capable and no risk of further injury. Better for him mentally to spring back throw a couple TD’s, stay in the groove and keep the confidence of the offense that he will be there no matter what and perform.
Then let Storey handle it from there, get a full half or more of snaps in, some of it with the 1st teamers, then start subbing in other reserves intermediately as the game dictates.

Ty Storey isn’t the only one who needs meaningful reps. Some other players and positions do also.