Thoughts to ponder

I’ve said this to a friend tonight and would like some other opinions.

Early in the season there were many times we were only playing one game a week. So I was never really concerned with minutes. Now we are in conference play so the games a tougher and we are playing at least 2 times a week. That HAS to take a toll. Is some of the decline in outside shooting we are seeing not just a result of teams with better guards, but maybe also a symptom of too many minutes because we are so short of quality depth and force to play too many minutes? Tired legs make jump shooting suffer.

Just a thought to ponder…

I think it’s just because Kentucky and Mississippi State are great defensive teams and you’re not going to get many open shot.Mississippi State and 2nd in the league behind us in 3-point field goal percentage so I knew we were going to be in trouble tonight but we made up for it with drives to the basket which kept us in the game.

No. Joe is making himself easy to guard. He puts no pressure on the defense by just hanging out behind the line and being a walking turnover when he crosses it. He has got to be more assertive! He needs to forget about the NBA talk and just ball. Not one Razorback I can recall in the last 25 years did himself, or our team, any good by leaving early.

Legs! Tired legs. It could be possible. The hogs spent a lot of energy against Kentucky and tonight they looked tired.
There’s just not enough height down low to beat Miss St without the 3’s falling.
Cyllia has fresh legs and made the 2 shots he took but he wouldn’t put it up!
Joe is getting hounding, grabbed, pushed and held without getting any calls. Jones fakes his man and got him up form 3 and drive instead do just getting the foul called on the 3 of course there was no guarantee it would have been called.
It may just end up being a long year. I still like the fight in our hogs.

I said a week or two ago that Musselman will have to adjust his playing 7-8 players stance. He did that at Nevada and he’s doing that here. Now, that’s not to say he won’t play more when we have better players stepping up. Next year, I believe he can legit go 10 deep in his lineup, but for now, he might have to rely on a couple of guys getting a few minutes before media timeout to give key players a bigger breather.

Not having a strong contribution from one of your stalwarts is tough to overcome. It would be interesting to see Jones and Joe with a inside scoring threat and true distributor at point. Even though Jones is dangerous with the ball in his hands, I would like to see more ball movement and crisp passing, creating open shots for both Jones and Joe.

For us to beat upper level SEC teams, we must have Joe, Jones and Whitt all shooting well from the field as well as the line. Sills can score some nights, some nights he can’t. The rest of the team is even more inconsistent. Bailey was shooting much better early this season. Now, he has missed the front end of 1 and 1’s 4 times in the last 2 games. Harris is shooting the 3 much better than last last year, but he will get open looks until he he can make 30 % from there. Chaney will get some layups and some garbage baskets but he is not a big scoring threat. Cylla made 2 shots, which is more than has made recently.

The points need to come with from the studs this year and they must be there every game against most SEC teams. When Joe busts out of his shooting slump, we will be better equipped to compete with teams that have players like Perry.

I agree with the General on this. I believe Coach needs to play a couple of other guys from the bench like Henderson and Cylia. Sure, it may be a trade-off, but I think it almost has to happen. I anticipate maybe starting Bailey and Chaney and bringing in Henderson to spell one or both. Desi may have to become a sub for our guards.

It will be interesting to see how Coach Mussleman handles the short bench and the fatigue factor.

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