Thoughts/Opinions on a Few Things

  1. Just a fantastic job by Pittman and staff on signing day considering the circumstances.

  2. Very pleased to read K. Briles say the agreement he made with Pittman was that he’d have complete control to install his system.

  3. I may have been wrong about overlooking Leach’s politics. I said it didn’t matter to me that his politics did not align with mine, but after his Romney comments I was pissed and an glad he’s not our coach - I don’t look forward to playing him though.

  4. KJ Jefferson will not play a meaningful down at QB again barring injury. Hornsby is that special.

  5. This staff understands the importance of creating a splash on signing day for program perception, momentum, etc. The way they maximized positive signing day coverage by getting Hornsby and St John to hold off was excellent.

  6. We really need either TQ or Jordan to stay - vertical shots and a lot of WR depth needed in this scheme.

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All I have enjoyed the dialogue the last few years, but have decided to move on.

Best wishes to the HI family and hopefully we all have a much better decade of Hog football to look forward to!


If KJ doesn’t get the QB job, I wonder if he has the skill set/size and speed, to play another position? I remember a few years ago, Derby ended up being a pretty good tight end.

Dude. That seems abrupt. I hope all is well. I was replying to ask about Jones. Is he still in play? Could he still return?

I think it is too early to throw in the towel on KJ. Dude is an athlete! Let’s give him some time with a proven QB coach. I do think he could play other spots, but I don’t think we know what he can or can’t do as a QB yet. I recall a powerful runner who showed a quick release- until he got hurt.

Yeah, Jones met with Pittman last week.

Arkansas at present time has including 2020 recruiting class 83 of their 85 scholarship obligated. Although 2 or 3 more could end up in the transfer portal before the opening of classes in August…

T Q Jackson and Jordan Jones may return… Luke Jones and Jordan Silver most likely will be place on scholarship at the beginning of 20-21 academic year.

Arkansas has one Initial scholarship to give out.

The number of scholarship available may become a problem later on.

Best regards Jackson . Will miss your input here.

That’s a Come on man!!! Don’t let some of these opinions get to you. I had a person cuss me and call me a troll in a pm, but he isn’t gonna get the best of me. True hog fans rise to the Occasion. WPS!!

A few things:

It does appear that TQ Jackson may stick around.

if Jordan Jones is thinking about asking to return, it would be news to the staff.

While I think Hornsby is very good, he is not ready to play yet and will have to develop to do so. Also I think you are giving up way to early on KJ, who I think will be the back up this season while Hornsby plays 4 games and keeps his redshirt.

If KJ does not play QB here, he will play it somewhere else, not another position here.

Henderson and St. John made for nice signing day momentum, but…

They did not want Hornsby to wait. They wanted him to announce early, but Hornsby wanted to wait.

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Might have helped with a WR on the other side of his town, had he announced earlier

Not according to his relative on another board, they supposedly met twice last week??

Best wishes, didn’t always agree but always appreciated your comments nonetheless, hope to see you return someday. WPS

Dang Jackson, just like that huh. Gone!
Oh well good luck wherever you land or landed.
Always welcome back here.

Good Luck Jackson!!!

I agree about Hornsby not being ready,he has to fine tune some things and put on some good weight,I do feel he is the QB of the future but Love KJ potential and glad we got 2 very good athletic QB’s…They both need work and its a good situation with Franks here and hopefully he doesn’t get hurt so they can learn how to play in this league.

I ask the coaches specifically about both WRs on Thursday.

Maybe the two I asked aren’t in the loop, but that would really, really seem strange - especially one of them.

Or maybe they were politely dodging the issue. We’ll see.

Never understood with the new coaches coming in why he would be headed out anyway.

There are several athletic QBs here - one of which is 6-6, 238

Yeah he is more athletic than you think…he covers a lot of ground with those long legs.

Best wishes to Jackson as well. I do recall him asking me to come to Corky’s to visit with about 20 folks many years ago. (Maybe 20)

It was a humbling experience, to think people wanted to know what I think. It still humbles me.