Thoughts on where the DL Coach selection process

is at present and when UA might announce the DB Coach hire?

DB coach was “revealed” so quickly I am fairly certain Sam had both candidates in his hip pocket.

The delay is about legal stuff - contract, maybe separation from the previous school, etc.

DL coach is likely already done, or close to done, but they may want to get two PR moments by having them be announced separately (and, on separate days).

I hope they get Thibodeaux from SMU…

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This is fact, or speculation on your part?

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I would think that if your thoughts are true, and it’s in the contract and negotiation stage then it would be someone pretty major and not an up and comer from a small school ??

I suspect there are a lot of procedural things that I don’t think about when it comes to hiring a new coach.

It is not as easy as Sam calling someone up and saying, “c’mon.” (I know most of you get that, but I can see a legal handshake between UA officials and the AD at the hire’s old school, for example.)

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