Thoughts on this?

Hate to keep this alive but which coach talked to a player or players during the Game??

I didn’t condemn anyone. The SD Coach was absolutely wrong!! I stated that when it happened to the person I was watching the game with. These men are adults that hold professional positions that should always conduct themselves accordingly.

I watch opposing coaches come into the Bud all the time and face the best student section in the nation and never (not to my delight) give them a reaction. I say not to my delight because I always want to see the opposing coaches to be shown up as a “tool”.

Fans are going to be fans and we should never stoop to the lowest denominator of them. CEM is g2g he knows and understands what’s helpful and harmful to the program. I’m sure he’s not reading statements on this post for approval or to figure out how to conduct himself. I’m just merely sharing my thoughts on the situation.

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It is simple. When a coach does what Muss did Wednesday night, it is cheered on by fans of that team and is criticized by the opposing team and the media. Just like when a suspended player returns, he gets a standing ovation from that team’s fans and boos from the other.

It is not worth analyzing.


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