Thoughts on this?

Let the Eric Musselman Apology Tour Start Now (

Insinuates Muss instigated the whole post-game ruckus last night.

Anything Kent Smith writes is true. It’s clickbait but totally true.

Muss owes me no apology.


Not funny Pav…

Same story as SI, correct?

I’ll take the word of the Hog fans there over San Diego State folks. As with most things everyone could have done better. It’s history. Move on.

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No apology needed here, in fact woke up this beautiful Thanksgiving morning in Ca and was still fired up, thank you CEM for bringing Hog ball back


He doesn’t need to apologize to anyone.


Kent Smith has reached Wally Hall status for me, meaning his takes are so hot I refuse to read him. And, in general, his writing reminds me of a junior high school newspaper sportswriter.

But, have people always been this soft? I’ve got SDSU fans coming at me on Twitter clutching their pearls over the disrespect Brazille showed their HC—nevermind that their HC broke a Cardinal Rule—as a HC you don’t yap at opposing players-it’s a No-No.

People are really starting to dislike us-it means we are good, again.


I know who he is, but a lot of people read this as truth… Sorry if I offended ya.

Pretty sure Kent Smith is a pseudonym for Haywood Jablomee. The SDSU coach was talking s$%t to TB when he thought he had the game won…completely bush league move. I don’t blame Muss for being pissed. The Bear would’ve tore the MF’er in two.


After the play TB made to help get the game to OT and his play in OT, I bet SDSU wishes they would have left him alone. That guy is the real deal as are I think most of the players. I really enjoyed watching him play this week. He was way above the rim on many of the rebounds.


There is no excuse for any professional to at like that period!! None of the players will ever get away with that type behavior and it should be the same for the coaches!! Regardless of who wrote the article or how ignorant the SDSU fans were acting I (we all should) expect better from our leaders.

Winning loosens the leash…

Go Hogs!!

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The problem is we don’t really know what happened. What we have “as reported” are a bunch of third hand comments from SDSU fans, stated to the media, and the media reporting those.

I would concur that Muss is a bit more animated and vocal than our last HC, and I don’t cotton to bad behavior by adults or two-year olds… but, I saw none, and heard none.


I don’t agree with you very often, but this is spot on.

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Good point @danny. We do have Hog fans I trust that were there that have a completely different take than the homer San Diego guy. It’s old news anyway. If anyone thinks Muss didn’t already have a big target on his back they are delusional. I’ve had fans from several SEC say they don’t like him. Just like we don’t like Pearl, Cal or Saban. Winning kinda does that.


Earlier this month, Matt reported that the Hogs will participate in an early-season tournament in San Diego in a couple of years.

If Muss is still with us then, I’m sure the post-game incident will be brought up. Especially if San Diego State happens to be one of the other three teams. (The other teams haven’t yet been announced.)

Stay thirsty my friend :grinning:


Obviously something happened, and it gained life by certain reactions. All I’m saying is leaders of our programs should be more careful not to get dragged down into the gutter.

I appreciate CEM passion and energy, for the game, he is taking this program to new heights, but if any of this happened it’s uncalled for and unprofessional.

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I assume you also condemn the SDSU coach for trash talking TB during the game? That’s pretty unprofessional but you don’t hear anything about that…

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