Thoughts on secret scrimmages

Just wondering what others think about transitioning from exhibition games to secret scrimmages.

  1. Do you think Arkansas will go this route?
  2. What are the pros/cons of such a transition?

I assume that Arkansas will soon move to secret scrimmages and cannot blame them. I wonder how much CMA can glean from a fifty point victory against Emporia State? I would have to believe that a scrimmage against Kansas State or Oral Roberts would have been of better benefit. Any idea how much money, if any, Arkansas would lose by not hosting two exhibition games? That could be the deciding factor.

I never heard of secret scrimmages before. It seems like a good idea to me. Why not do them?

The only dowside I can see is no revenue from ticket sales etc.

Is it one or the other?? I don’t know the rules on this.

Since they are secret, how would they know how to police them? :lol:

I thought he covered it pretty well in my story last week … ges-inste/

Indeed he did (if he is CMA).

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear in my original post. I was asking what others thought about it.

Good question. I think UK does both, but the way I read Dudley’s article CMA made it seem that it was one or the other.

Sorry, I missed that story. I saw discussion on the topic, but missed the story.

So, does that mean, rule wise, if we played, say Oklahoma State and Oklahoma in “secret scrimmages” are those “exhibition games” by the NCAA (even though no tickets were sold and no crowd? OR, it that just another practice and you can still have 2 exhibition games? Just wondering.

Those would count as exhibition games and would take their place.