Thoughts on Kiffin

Would be a name hire w recruits. Didn’t HY try to hire him at Houston? Buyout is small.

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Would be a big time hire. Has a young staff of former P5 players

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I am more open to him now than a couple of years ago, as he has re-habbed his reputation a bit. I do wonder if he would have to be ruled out at FSU before he would seriously consider coming here.

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Count me in. He would definitely upgrade recruiting, which is the main thing most posters are worried about with the loss of Morris.

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I live down the road from the campus and Kiffin has stayed on the right side of the media and seems to have matured in many ways… not sure what the bright lights of SEC coaching would stir up but my attitude about him coaching here has changed. One thing is sure, he can recruit and we would get a lot of attention (hopefully good long term) if we made the hire.

Kiffin is my #1 this go around. He can absolutely recruit with the best of them; he can successfully call a big game; and he is not an up-and-comer who will move on after getting the program back to 8 wins.

I think he would need to get us back to 10 wins before another program like USC would consider him. I’m okay with those circumstances.


I’m definitely down with Lane. Been around FB forever and can recruit.

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Hey, I lived close to the FAU campus for 11 years. In Thornhill Green, one of the subdvisions surrounding a small lake, south entrance off of Palmetto and a block west of Powerline. You anywhere in that area? I miss Boca, nice place to live.

Count me in on the Lane Train. He might be the only one who could come in and hang onto most current top recruits and keep the transfer number to a minimum.

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Wonder if he is a sexton client. Wonder who norvell’s agent is

I literally cannot imagine LK being any kind of long-term fix. or even medium term. Either he’d bomb out and leave or if he did well he’d leave.

I agree that he would be better than CCM, but that’s not saying anything at all.



That is a risk with literally any coach we hire. All that matters is that they leave the program better than when they arrived

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Several years ago I would have said no way, But it seems he has grown up a lot and would most likely do a good job. Maturity can do a lot for a coach and he may be ready to lead an SEC program to mid and upper tier status.

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You could always count some type type of shenanigans going on, it would be “Never a dull moment” while it lasted.

One guess and any guess that doesn’t include the word Sexton is wrong.

I’m not a fan of Kiffin,just don’t think he could bring us back,he is not the high energy guy that will excite recruits,personality of a wet dishrag.That kind of personality can be played off if you’re winning ala Billicheck and Saban but start losing and you’re going to need someone who can motivate the players and I don’t see Kiffin doing that at all…JMO

Kiffin alone has probably signed as many top 100 recruits as the entire Razorback staff has signed in this decade (10 yrs). You may want to re-evaluate your stance on recruiting if you believe “Hammer Down” hype is the key.

I never said anything about Hammer down being the main key,What I meant was when you’re rebuilding you are going to have to have a guy who can motivate the kids to play better than they are capable (with our current roster) until we get the type athletes where we can line up man for man within this league.I just don’t see Kiffin as being the type guy to pull a struggling program out the mess we are in.

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Doghog beat me to it, that’s gonna be our problem with any coach that rebuilds this mess or we’ll need a brinks truck to keep em. I know and have read your posts and agree with them, I flew out from Ca for that garbage Saturday and can say in my 59 years of watching Tons of FB that was the worst display I’ve ever seen. Literally we may be the worst college team out there

I see what your saying now my apologies.

Kiffin until his present stint is use to recruiting and coaching elite talent on the gridiron. If after 3 season’s of signing a multitude of H.S. All-Americans year after year he has not lived up to expectations then the next coach acquires a absolutely loaded team in 2023.

I am very much willing to take that risk.