Thoughts on Fan Article

My first thought was the odd timing of such an article. Generally, I’d
think an article of that nature would be bought very close to the end
of the Bowl game. The anger would be fresh and the need to strike
out would be on the surface.

Why wait a month to buy that ad? Why not even place it before the
bowl game or at least right after? Wouldn’t more people be discussing
the Razorbacks at that time so wouldn’t you get more bang for your buck?

So my next thought was perhaps this is more about recruiting than
anything else. The timing certainly seems to fit much better. It creates
a nice little recruiting tool to use against Arkansas. It comes from outside
the borders of the state and from someone thats not even in the donor
list that I could find.

And why involve Asa Hutchinson, he has no say in how things are done
at the U of A. That just makes no sense. You’d want to contact someone
on the board of trustees or the chancellor of the university. That whole
thing is just confusing.

I strongly believe, this is a dirty recruiting tactic to use against Arkansas,
and nothing more. The timing fits much better than saying its just a fan
that disgruntled with the state of the program. You may say well he waited
this long to make sure he dotted his i’s and crossed his t’s. If thats the case,
then maybe he’d have spent some time to realize the Gov’t doesn’t have
anything to do with this situation.

Dirty recruiting in my opine… nothing more.

The Governor appoints members of the UA Board of Trustees, the Governor and the Legislature can have a great deal of influence on what happens at the UA. Just because our athletic program is self-sufficient doesn’t mean they are immune from politics.

STUPID is STUPID no matter how pretty the dresses one might add to provide cover.
Smoke and BS remain smoke and BS.

I was at the Belk Bowl and yes, die hard fans were very disgruntled. I’m a realist and have adopted the “show me” philosophy. I don’t care what type of defense as long as it’s better. I won’t believe anything until I see the team play real games. As far, as the ad, that fan could be giving money through another fan. Our group as done it since 1977. Dunno about the ad. I agree that could be just a jab at recruiting. However, kinda late in the game for that. I do know at least 2 donors that have decided not to give and have dropped season tickets. Yes, the sky is not falling but tiny cracks are appearing. This coming year, Coach B has his work cut out for him and he needs to have a strong finish to recruiting. Next year, maybe the make or break year for him.

Politics maybe so but,
Unless their are serious violations, ethics issues, or laws being broken and the University isn’t dealing with them properly, I don’t see the Governor or Legislator even remotely getting involved in the UofA’s business in regards to Coaches or anything else in the athletic department. Especially if disgruntled fans are writing in complaints.

The quickest way to be out of politics in Arkansas is to get involved in sports decisions, lol. This isn’t ASU and Beebe, and as far as appointing BOT members, you appoint one every year, and there are 10 of them, you do the math.

He’s from Memphis. He thinks the governor of Arkansas is interested in what he thinks? Maybe that’s not the point. Maybe he knows the governor is not listening to out of state parties and that’s why he needed to buy the ad. It was strange. I thought almost the same thing, he’s not a Razorback fan and wanted to mess with recruiting. About half of the class is already enrolled, so he can’t impact that bunch.

I would be upset if it was a Hog fan, yet the fact that he has 2 degrees from Ole Miss and obviously wants to hurt recruiting demands he gets exposed. I hope that Bo or DTS get the truth out there.

Is Ole Miss still in the running of Calloway? Hmmm…

Don’t know about that, but they are still in the running for NCAA probation. :slight_smile:

The Rebels will win sanctions

Apparently not. :smiley: