Thoughts on ‘Experts’ love

or lack there of for KJ Jefferson. I think he is getting disssssed big time. Not a thought, consideration, whiff of him as a top QB. All the teams he beat last year are pretty much being projected ahead of us and there QB’s ahead of him.

Pitiful. I am sure he knows it. He’s being considered a also ran. He, just as a QB is not that. Play with a giant chip. You are being dissed. So pitiful.


Link? I’ve only seen Young, Rattler, Richardson and Hooker ahead of him. Maybe Levis and Rogers. I think we only faced Rogers.

I don’t know how you could rank him ahead of the reigning heisman trophy winner.

It does not mattter what people think. The games this fall will dictate who is best.

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That is also a dis for the offensive line.

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Yes sir! Just gives him more motivation. I like it.

KJ is aware of it and was asked about it on media day and has said he feels he is being disrespected,which I think works out great for us bc you need some like this to kind to tick you off.I think it will make him and the team work xtra hard to prove people wrong.I see this as bad for him but Great for the team.

WholeHogSports - Jefferson feels underrated entering 2022

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Gas, I agree fully with your take. KJ is a winner and the discounting no doubt is related to the departure of Burkes and the PSU passing game stats. Let’s see how he rolls out with these new and old receivers in those first few games. I am betting on the best offensive line in the SEC and his patience in waiting for separation before he commits. I am expecting this team to go head to head with BAMA for the West this year. I have said 1 to 1A for both the Hogs and KJ when comparing to the Tide and Young. Going to be fun season.

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