Thoughts on Desi Sills

I was thrilled to see him come in and hit his 1st shot (a 3pt shot). He so needs a confidence boost lately and generally when he would hit his 1st shot he’d be on for the game.

He is just not playing like he did at the start of the season. He would drive with abandon and he would hound his man on defense. Now is seems he is reluctant to go into the paint and on defense he can rarely seem to stay in front of his man and gets driven by repeatedly.

Shooting slump can be called a funk sure… lot of “in your head” stuff can cause shooting woes, but defense and driving the paint, not so much. Thats more heart, desire, and want to.

Anyone know what’s going on with Desi. We need him back to his former self to really help push the hogs to the next level.

Desi is nowhere near back to normal. I don’t think he’s fully recovered from the injury. We’ve been winning without him but it would be nice to have him back in gear when we get to Indy.

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Still injured from the looks of it. May need surgery.

Desi is still hurt. You can tell from his play offensively that he isn’t nearly as aggressive as he usually is.

But he is leader on the bench and fights through the pain when he makes it on the floor. He is a true Razorback.


I agree that he must still have a tender shoulder. Good enough to play some minutes…but he is clearly reluctant to blast into the lane with abandon.

It sure would be nice to get him making a meaningful contribution. But the main thing is get his shoulder healthy. As soon as he’s healthy I am confident he will get it going again. He’s always been subject to shooting droughts…but he has NEVER played tentatively.

Hope he continues to heal up. Love me some Desi Sills.

Until is see Desi drive to the rim and into contact and get up fired up to go to the free throw line I won’t feel like he’s healthy! Today was the first time his shot looked good out of his hands. The second 3 he let go looked like it was going down too! He’s not diving on the floor either.

What happened to Desi’s flash of red in his hair? I loved it!

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It is going to be hard for anybody to take minutes away from Devo Davis

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This is very true. Having a healthy Desi would be great compliment but got to be well to play at high level. Credit to him for working for time he can play and for Muss to keep working with him on getting time

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