Thoughts on Demozette giving Nate Allen the axe?

I will miss Nate. Great writer. As knowledgeable about Razorback Athletics as anyone. Not afraid to be critical.

Hopefully, Nate will keep writing and can be picked up on another venue.

Nate is a great friend. Hate this happened, but don’t know all the reasons.

I do know that he has his own sports service.

Nate has been a long-time contributor for Hawgs Illustrated. His Where Are They Now pieces have run in our magazine for years. He asked for a break this fall while battling an illness. When he’s ready, he’ll be in Hawgs Illustrated. That’s what I know on this issue. I’ve enjoyed working with Nate for over 30 years. He and I have sat side by side in many a press box.

Always liked his stuff.

sounds like the democrat-gazette-little rock didn’t like the fact that nate had to deal with a serious illness and took time off to deal with it.then their(the paper’s insurance) costs went up…and it was decided that he was"expendable"glad he’ll be with the magazine and on here more when he returns.just an assumption on my part and we all know what an assumption can mean…

Bad mistake. Nate I s not only a good guy but a very good and to the point writer. His column will be missed.

Demozette IS NOT as good as paper as it used to be and that is sad…

There is a death spiral going on in the print media. As readership drops, revenues drop, and the overall quality will drop as well. The same thing is going on in television. My wife likes KATV, channel 7, the ABC affiliate in Little Rock. I don’t care. When she is out of town I never turn on the morning or evening TV news. When I do bother to watch with her, I notice that the local news first thirty minutes has no sports reports. They may mention what’s coming in the second thirty minutes of local news, after the national feed, but no sports information at all. Then, in the last part of the second half of their local news, there will be 3-4 minutes of sports reporting. When local sports are slow, a couple of times a week, instead of real sports reporting they run a stupid badly disguised commercial for a local gym where 12 “volunteering fat people” are going through a 6 week “workout” with that gym and they track how much weight they lose. (While they are talking about them, they show lots of video of some really overweight people working out. If I haven’t already, that is guaranteed to trigger a channel change every time.) So, they take the majority of the little time allotted for sports and run a damn commercial for this gym. Can you see why this is the last place I look for sports reporting? The internet (especially here) is my first source, reading the Demozette on line is second, and local television is last. As the Demozette gets worse (and dumping Nate is a big step in that direction) I look to it less and less.

I get most of my news from feeds and alerts from Forbes, Amazon, New York Times, etc. so I am not ignoring the world. I just get more information quicker not relying only on a newspaper or an evening news broadcast. I suspect I am not the only one out there.

In what way?

First, I am glad to still get Nate’s contributions via Hawgs Illustrated Magazine. Nate is a good writer and I enjoy his to the point narrative. I hope that I can always read his material in some fashion.

Second, death spiral in print and tv media will not go away as long as Facebook, Google and Amazon capture majority of advertising dollars that used to go to print, tv and radio media. Finding quality journalists in the maze of blogs, websites, etc will be the challenge to get quality information. Over the years, I have shifted my thinking to supporting those things that provide value and quality rather than just the cheapest price. Not many in today’s world are of that mindset. While I enjoy the quality of the members and principals on this website, the recent issues with tech issues and popups (iphone\ipad) on the website will test what that value is at some point in time. I hate that but that is the world we live in now. I used to subscribe to ADG on line to keep track of my home state and relationships but over the past 5 years , I have enough contacts through the internet\ relationships that I rarely learn or hear of something new from the ADG that I haven’t already heard prior . I dropped my subscription as a result. Try finding new content on any site owned by Gannet .

I appreciate the quality of material that I find here from the principals and members—that is not easy to find in today’s world.

I think You, Clay, Dudley, are great. This is no way about you all. I notice a lot more typing errors in some of the articles I read not only in the sports but in the rest of the paper as well. It is almost like nobody proof reads things before it goes to print. I know this has been gone over many times, I know it is out of the writers control, but as a graduate of the University It gets old to see in one paragraph talking about the Razorbacks,then in a paragraph BELOW it talking about the UNIVERSITY of ARKANSAS-FAYETTEVILLE.

Every use of that pejorative frame toward
The University of Arkansas is further evidence
that they have some stupid people working
in high places.

I live in Texas so almost never read the whole paper but have always felt there were editorial issues dating back to the merger. I suspect the UA Fayetteville business is trying to appease the non-UofA faction, but shortsighted in my opinion.

But love my Whole Hog Sports with one notable exception which I will keep to myself.

I think Democrat sports section is better than ever. In fact one of the better sport sections in the country.

I think the last part bothers you more than anything. I just don’t get why that is a problem.

For years it has been called the University of Arkansas, I guess I am set in my ways ( at least my wife says I am :smiley: ) . I will continue to get the paper and probably will get used to UA-F. in time.

The local newspaper here in Chattanooga (Times Free Press) is owned by WECHO Media. The stories about the University of Tennesse (Knoxville) always identify e school as either Tennessee or the University of Tennesse. Locally we have the University of Tennessee Chattanooga which is identified as Chattanooga. There are other UT campuses which are correctly identified as UT - Martin or whatever. So whoever set this UA - Fayettville in place (most likely) is in Little Rock because it’s not a corporate policy.

I guarantee you that if that was done in Chattanooga these crazy Vol fans would go nuts. An example is the crazy protest of the hire of Schiano as Vols coach.

The only WECHO publication I read these days is HI. Only because of the respect I have for Clay and crew. It’s my one stop place for Hog info.

Who knows the politics behind the UA - Fayettville deal. I really could care less even thought it rubs me raw.