Thoughts on Davonte Davis Commitment

First, this is a solid, potentially really good pickup.

Strengths: playmaker mentality and ability; competitiveness; vision and passing ability; length; crafty finisher; natural in pick and roll; good anticipation on defense

Weaknesses: shooting; decision-making consistency; shot selection; loose handles at times

Davis is flashy and when on in all facets, he’s a fantastic player. He’s a big-time competitor and will be ready to contribute day one. For optimal value, he really needs to improve his shooting, and it could be an uphill battle if he doesn’t change some mechanics.

Davis has been a staple in Arkansas youth and amateur basketball. It could help with the other in-state players. No good info there, though.

Could be a bird in hand or a take-both situation, but I wonder how this affects our recruitment of KK Robinson, whom I prefer if we’re comparing him and Davis. I know there are some that think we haven’t had a great chance with KK, but I’ve disagreed.

We’ll see. Again, I’m happy with this pickup.

Saw someone say take both Davis as PG and KK as SG. I’m sure Davis can play the point, but can KK pull off SG?

The individual I saw say take both had:

Davis - PG
Moses - SF
Ambrose-Hylton - PF
Williams - C

I actually like those five as well.

That could work. Yes, KK can play SG. He’s a combo guard at this point. It’s not ideal necessarily because he’s 6’1 at best, but Davis’ size and length helps the case. KK also may want to be the PG in the class. Not sure if that’s true, but I think it’s possible.

Moore is a better fit at PF than Ambrose. Isn’t Ambrose a SF? That will make it an all-Arkansas Dream 5. Kind of like Arkansas Hawk 5 that committed to Arkansas until Reggie Perry broke up the dream.

I think that first statement is debatable. Ambrose-Hylton is a combo forward. He projects to SF. I haven’t seen Ambrose-Hylton much, but he’s taller and longer, obviously. Consider the offensive identity of Muss - pace and space. He wants his fours to be mobile and skilled on the perimeter. Ambrose-Hylton at this point is probably a better outside shooter than Moore. Ball skill is similar.

I say all of this with tons of love for Moore. I hope we get him. I just think he’s a winning player.

At this point, I am an advocate of taking the first 3-4 who want to commit, and use the final 2-3 spots to focus on the “needs of the program.” I don’t care if they fill everything this fall - in that case, recruit a complete starting unit, and use the extra spot (2?) for “best available” player.

At this point, “best available” might be “next” as to some extent this is about building momentum in the class.

Oklahawg, I agree with you! We better take the ones who want to commit now. I think we’ll end up with 6 or 7 new players for next season.

Never turn down real talent. Eddie Sutton did alright with 3 guards in the 70’s. Get the talent. Then figure out how it all fits on the court.