Thoughts from last night

Flicking back and fourth between the bowl game and the basketball game took some years off my life.

Not long in to the game I noticed that AB didn’t look the same and Devo was bringing the ball up most of the time. I kept trying to figure out what was going on. After the game Muss says AB has been sick most of the week and couldn’t practice. Do we have a curse on us?

If Council hits those late game free throws we win but if, if was a fifth we would all be drunk. Council had a game that I’m sure he wants to forget. Hopefully against Mizzou he will bounce back.

Why in the world we keep jacking threes in the first half is really a head scratcher since you know they are going to get cussed out at halftime. 0-13 I think in the first half, after 0-6 I would quit shooting them.

In my heart I feel like Nick is close to shutting it down and getting ready for the draft. If that’s the case Pinion, Dunning and or Ford are going to have to figure out how to get in the rotation. AB really needed a break last night but coach just doesn’t feel comfortable taking him out.

Looks like Kamani is the only big that can be trusted off the bench right now. Graham’s defense is so bad that he can’t stay on the floor long enough to show his offense off.

Why we didn’t get a dead eye shooter out of the portal befuddles me. Maybe coach thought they could get Pinion ready but as of now I don’t see Pinion playing much this year.

We are still a very good team but it looks like the SEC is very good also this year. It just hurts my soul that TB is out for the year and Nick may not play again. We had a very good shot at the final four with a full roster but I’m not so sure that’s the case now.


I tapped the BB game…had problems with my remote and could not FF once i started watching…was up about 3 hours past my bedtime. Had not heard about AB’s problems or anything about Smith shutting things down…hope we have him back 95-99% healthy soon.

I’ve heard nothing about Smith shutting it down, that’s just my opinion.


Dudley has pointed out in his new gig that if Nick’s handlers (he is repped by Klutch Sports) were going to shut him down, he’d already be in Los Angeles getting rehab, etc.


Glass half full would be:
4 - 25 on 3’s and 5 - 10 from the line, with AB having been sick leading up to game and it still came down to last 10 seconds, on the road to an 11- 1 team nonetheless.


I think Nick’s dad has a lot of say so about the situation which he should.

I also think Nick does not want to shut it down and he wants to leave his mark on the program.


Who are Nick Smith’s “handlers”? Do all the players have a “handler”?

Is it alright to use the term “handlers” now?
I used it in a post about this subject recently and the knives came out.

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I agree. How will this team manufacture points on the road when the refs swallow their whistles like last nite? We’re so dependent on drawing FTAs but we need the refs to call fouls that are actually fouls for that to occur. But only 10 ftas? Come on now. I know it was a road game but come on. As much as we live in the paint we should’ve shot at least twice as many. I get more and more aggravated about how we got hosed out of yet another win by the refs but I’m going to try and move on. Makhi needs help up front. He can’t do it all by himself. We need Kamani to get back to playing again like he did in Maui. I would like to see Makhel get more minutes.

The bright spot is that the defense is legit. The defense will give us a chance to win every remaining game on our schedule.

Dunno about Smith and when he may be back. However, without him and TB, we’ll be lucky to win half of our away games. The league is playing much tougher this year.

That could happen, and we could still be back in the Elite Eight or better.

See my post earlier in the thread about Klutch Sports.

SEC road games are always a nightmare becuz of the horrible officiating in general. You either get way too many foul calls which totally interrupts the game flow or a wrestling match like last nite. You can never get a decently officiated basketball game in the SEC. Never. Zero consistency game to game. But that’s what SEC front office folks want becuz of football-first mentality. Unwilling to pay to bring in best officials for conference games.

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Muss is getting sort of educated in coaching guaranteed top 5 picks. This is new for him.,Calipari had done this well until it fell apart with Shaedon Sharpe.

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I don’t know what those three can do about it. You have to develop the bench to have a bench. It has to start in games against mid-majors. You can’t throw those guys in there only when they are needed.

But I have a feeling most fans don’t like a deep bench either. I remember all the complaints when Nolan and Mike would start subbing at the 16 minute mark of the first half, regardless of what the score was.

As far as jacking up threes, some were wide open threes and it is hard to pass them to keep the defense honest. However, Walsh is beginning to believe he is a knockdown three point shooter. He shoots them well when open. But he took some threes with a hand in his face

I think fans want AB, Council and Devo to shoot better. And Walsh. Walsh missed a bunch of open shots early. And he was open. Jordan’s got to start sticking those. Not much else to say about the shooting. I don’t like Pinion in the game becuz right now he’s not a good defender. You lose a lot on the defensive end of the court when he’s out there. The above 4 all defend much better than him. But they got to start knocking down open shots with more consistency. That’s all there is to it.

IIRC, although I missed it due to the football game, Pinion played in the first half. Evidently he didn’t produce enough to get any more minutes, although he was +4.

Also should be noted that LSU played 11 guys. Maybe they were a little fresher at the end? Hannibal played 22 minutes and took us to the rack repeatedly in the final minutes.

Yes, he played for a couple of minutes and attempted a three. I think Muss trusts him a bit more than Dunning and Ford.

When pinion came out we went to that trapping zone with our length and that was really the only thing that worked for us all night. I think muss decided finding a defense that worked would be our best/only offense. That’s been the most frustrating thing about Mussleman teams for me is the complete reliance on defense like we only play one side of the court almost as bad as a Virginia cavaliers style. granted it has proven (very) successful for him. But I think we will have to generate much better offense to win a championship. The way our defense inevitably runs out of steam/runs into a either lucky hot shooting streak or nba talented offense in the late rounds of tournament time is well, disappointing. I can’t stomach how a&m stomped us last year or not being able to put up a fight against Duke or Baylor. I thought things would be different this year with nick smith. I like our length and that trapping defense though, and we are just going to have to go all in on that. Sorry Pinion. But If we cause turnovers and AB, Walsh and Council get hot shooting we can still be dangerous. We just need get a lot more points in transition. Not sure we can do that deep in tournament time with a 6 man rotation tho. We don’t have the legs to make free throws or score at the rim late in the sec opener so what about deep into March. I want to see what ford and dunning can do especially if we start out 0-13 shooting again. I’m sure pinion has the defensive potential with a little experience too. Wish he would push some folks around in practice like lsu just did to us. We better be ready for a lot more of that

Devo and J Will were in the same position as Ford, Dunning and Pinion as freshmen. Riding the bench with lots of DNP’s. Lots of stories about them being gym rats and working on their games with GA’s after hours.

I have no idea if those three are doing that or not but it seems to really get Muss going your way when you put in your own work outside of practice.

If they are doing that and not getting better then we will have another very short bench with little room for error.