Thoughts after Bama

  1. I’m so so so so proud of this team. They play with supreme effort. I’m not sure a group of young men could possible play harder than this team does, for these coaches. Heck, I could stop typing now, cuz that just sums up this group. HARD! we have a half dozen former walkons playing tons of time, vs a slew of 5 stars, and we hung right with them. just incredible, really.

  2. when’s the last time we made Bama use their star players the whole game? when’s the last time we had the ball, late in 4th quarter, with a chance for a lead?!

  3. Special teams-this isan amazing turnaround. Fountain’s 1st 13 games or so…whoof! now suddenly our special teams are outplaying LSU and Bama. when did we win the ST battle against Bama!!! but we just did

  4. It’s getting harder and harder to say that Burks isn’t the best WR Ive had a chance to watch play in a Hog uni. Calcagni was my first childhood hog hero, for reference sake.

  5. KJ, KJ, KJ. that man gets better every single game. these last 2 games, and that Ole Mrs game, are uncommon performances. Dude is a baller. Love him!

  6. Is Burks ok?!? that cheap shot was vicious, and he was already playing injured.

  7. After the review took away the long TD pass to Thompson (which sadly I agree with), how many years would we have been stonewalled right there, and kicked a FG, or gone for it on 4th down and gotten nothing. Instead, our TB rolls into the endzone on 1st down. That was a great moment of the game for me. simple play, but speaks volumes about our team. The only person more stunned than I, was the ref-didn’t seem to want to call it a TD!

GHG. Love this team.


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