Thoughts About Yesterday in Columbia

  1. DVH said it…we didn’t play well. Pitching was off from bullpen, didn’t hit particularly well. Mizzou not good team either. Several errors on routine plays.
  2. Mizzous ballpark is subpar for SEC standards. Our high school park in West Monroe is nicer. So is the ones at ULM and La Tech. In fact, the whole campus was unimpressive.
  3. Our catcher looks tired and beat up yesterday ( was on the 1st row behind him). All those blocks at the plate wore him out, especially from Ramage. I love his swing and Lanzili.
  4. Wind was definitely factor yesterday…robbed us of two dingers that I remember thinking were no doubters. We also had 2 other foul HRs down left field line that were impressive swings.
  5. If we are #4 team in the country, we should win the rubber match today. But we’ve gotta pitch better and hit better.

You still going to be in Columbia today? I went to school there 50 years ago, it was nicer then when it was a smaller town. I’m trying to figure where the baseball stadium is. Is it over towards Gusten Golf Course?

This team is still not clicking on cylinders. The offense has never really got on track. The pitching has potential.The rotation has been good and if we can pitch the way we did against Kentucky we will be fine.

The bullpen has several arms but he’s going to have to start going with who’s pitching well now whether it be a freshman or a veteran we simply can’t experiment any longer.

I still think we take too many pitches at the plate. We don’t swing at a lot of pitches that could be hit and with our power I just don’t think you can afford miss those possible chances to hit the ball out or hit it hard somewhere. We got it going last year and we have the people that can do it again let’s just see if we can connect all the dots.

They’re not clicking on all cylinders yet and are still a top 10 team, scary to think what they can be if things do click into place.


With a 2 run lead in the bottom of the 7th you should win! The way the hogs lost is what stinks to high heaven.
There’s some more young pitchers in the bull
Pen and I hope we see them get their chance.

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Baseball park is in a weird place. Small. Limited concessions & restrooms. It’s across the road from the football stadium with a practice facility in between.
I am not at the game today. Didn’t bring enough warm clothes! Went to church with the kids this morning in Lee’s Summit then brunch. Now back at their place to watch hoops on TV & hogs baseball on iPhone

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That sounds like the old oSu ball park (Allie Reynolds field). There was a single restroom for men and a single restroom for women. The one for women had about 6 or 7 stalls.

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