Thought this only happened in youth soccer

Bizarre blunder by Spanish goalkeeper against Croatia just now. Wow!

Spain blew a 3-1 lead late in regulation but got two goals in extra time to win 5-3. Certainly no shortage of goals in this match. Including this very weird one. It kinda reminded me of one Germany gave to the US in a friendly several years ago that the US won:

Same thing is happening to France.

Yup. But no goals in extra time so far.

I had a feeling Mbappe was going to miss the PK. He has missed one before just like that against Kazakistan. You could see it on his face too.

I think France is the most talented team in the tournament. Would have loved to see them play Spain.

I agree about France but Deschamps screwed that up badly. Kinda think Italy may win it now.

I think winner of England-Germany plus a loaded Belgium squad will be contenders. And you never know if it comes down to PKs

Now that I think about it, the Belgium-Italy winner is my favorite. But you’re right, PKs are a wild card. England is a threat in Wembley for sure but their history is to screw up.


I never like to watch England play. Generally, I’d rather see Germany play or when Brazil is at its best. But, this might be England’s year.

Especially since the matches will be played at London’s Wembley Stadium.

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