Thought on Gus

I have never really liked Gus. I always thought he was kind of an arrogant jerk. However, if he is our coach, he will be our jerk and I will support him, just like BP.

It is no secret that Gus has not endeared himself to the Auburn folks. They like that he wins, but don’t really like him as a person. So my thought is if he was going to come to Arkansas, he would have to do it after a good season like he is having now. By doing that, Razorback fans like me would me more accepting and, at the same time, Auburn fans who did not support him would be embarrassed to lose him. Timing is everything when it comes to hiring coaches because someone has to be available when the school has a need. This may be the only time that Gus could make the move back to Arkansas.

Of course, he could be just using us to lock up a better deal at Auburn, in which case, I will dislike him more.

Read my mind!!

If you want Gus then be a Bama fan next week, if you don’t want Gus be an Aubie fan next week. I am certain he would be better than Bielema who could finish with the same record in his final year that Snuffy Smith had in his one and only.

Mossy, what makes you so sure Gus is better than what we have? Up until this year, over the 4 prior years, Gus won three more games than Bielema. Gus had 4 and 5 star recruits while we played with mostly three star recruits.

That’s incorrect, check your math.

Up to this year Gus had 10 more wins.

Add this year he currently has 14 more wins.

Not sure why we are leaving years out. Yes Gus has good recruits, but that doesn’t automatically mean you are going to win 10 games. If that were the case, Arkansas would never be ranked in the top 20.

Auburn is a great recruiting area, but still a tough job. You have unmatched expectations while constantly being in the shadow of Saban.

And the rea$on Gu$ had 4 and 5 $tar recruit$? Will Gu$ be satisfied that we cannot afford 4 and 5 $tar recruit$ to which he is accustomed? Can he win with his zero-based recruiting budget (player-wise) and players that budget will attract?

Your not very subtle hint that AU is or probably is buying players is something I’ve always suspected. The Cam Newton story & the stories that grew out of it never struck me as fabricated. Unfortunately for us, Auburn seems to be better at not getting caught than, say, Ole Miss. Regardless of whether they’re cheating or not, Auburn sits in the middle of very fertile recruiting territory. Atlanta is only a couple of hours away. The Florida panhandle is close. South Georgia is within a stone’s throw. Meanwhile the nearest big cities to us are Tulsa (hardly the size of Dallas or Atlanta) & Kansas City. Our real recruiting base, the State of Arkansas, only produces 3-5 SEC caliber athletes per year & often not that many. It’s tough to compete if we’re playing it straight–and I want to play it straight.

This is already a done deal. We are going to start buying players. It is a huge commitment. Gus will not come unless we buy players.

it is one of the main reasons CBB is gone. He would not pay the players.

What factsbis this based off of, that Gus pays players? Seems like if this were a fact they would be sanctioned.

What facts do you have that Bret does everything by the books? Because I can promise you, no coach in the SEC does everything by the books. They all do things behind the scenes, some get caught some do not, some do a lot, some do little, but they aren’t all straight shooters, including yours truly bret.

Let’s not muddy things up, nothing’s done, sure don’t need to smear anyone over it.


“They all do things behind the scenes, some get caught some do not, some do a lot, some do little, but they aren’t all straight shooters, including yours truly bret.”

You seem to be confirming the previous smears at the same time you call them “pathetic.” Whether a little cheating makes a lot OK is not my concern. Whether we won’t or can’t cheat as effectively as Auburn doesn’t matter. One or the other is true, so, it will be harder for Malzahn to get the caliber of athlete he is used to having at Arkansas than it is at Auburn. I am hoping his ring(s) and national credibility will help overcome that disadvantage, if he does come.

Auburn has been buying players for decades. Well known, often caught. Fun things like giving players ATM cards to bottomless accounts that magically kept being refilled. Heck, Mississippi State offered money to Cam Newton and he didn’t go there. Do you think he turned down Moo U money to attend Auburn for free? If you do I have a bridge to sell you. Gus was there, part of and knew what was going on, left and came back. Which puts him squarely in the middle of the Auburn cesspool.

Already divisive. Is this the right move for us?

Yes, he is and no, it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean the Springdale backers won’t get him. I don’t think they will, but “one never knows do one?”

I highly doubt that CBB bought any players. If you think Auburn does not then you clearly do not keep up with them.

I do not know if Gus ever did anything wrong but their boosters will do anything to stay with Ala.

Players can be bought and paid without the coach “knowing” so.

If we are then not only do we have a bad season but very poor boosters. :smiley:

There’s a difference in saying a specific person “buys” players and that coaches do things behind scenes. Things behind the scenes could be anything, some worse or much less in equivalence to buying a player.

My main question is similar to the question MSU is being asked right now.

If we have a record number of players with Bama, Auburn, LSU offers, and everyone loves to say they are cheaters and buy players, what did we do to get them here?

So your thought is that no one (coaches, players, parents, etc.)have any integrity?