Thought Cal had lost his appeal to top recruits

You mean just like they had in 2020? :grinning:

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$$$ never loses its appeal

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Neither does BS, like “we get you into the league like nobody else”. :roll_eyes:

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It seemed to me after the 2020 recruiting class, top recruits in their position have been going to Duke, Gonzaga and such schools and Cal was losing out on them. Evidence the class of 2021. Word out of Kentucky was that he was getting frustrated and some worried he was going to leave college basketball for pros. I was counting him out.

Surprised and not happy to see UK back recruiting well.

Yeah. To me these top guys can go to any school and make it to NBA. They don’t need history of a coach sending players to NBA. Like Monk could have made it to NBA from Arkansas.

Even if Cal gets every 5-star, his teams still have no chemistry.


Every one of those three have been promised/guaranteed 7 figures in NIL. The middle one pictured above has already begun his hitch with a lipstick company.


I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone that The Squid has exactly as many nattys as Coach Richardson, even though it seems like he has half his former players in The League. Does anyone else find it funny that his players seem to prosper once they are free of him? Pretty sure NIL saved his cheating, underachieving A$$…for now. I won’t shed a single tear when that blue blood is pooling up on the cold hard floor. Cal is doing Cal things…putting on a fireworks show…it’s a great burst of color and noise for about 20 minutes, but then the bright embers flame out and come back down to earth. It’s not hard to put together a bunch of All Stars when you have all the money, but putting together a TEAM will forever be lost on Cal.


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