Those with hoops knowledge ....

Ive played or been around basketball my whole life, so I’m not a complete idiot…

We never or very rarely :
drive and dish
Get ball to Gafford

Why can’t we:
Get the ball to Gafford
Stop settling for 3s
Rebound and defend consistently
Stop the point guard on a break

It’s a broken record with Mikes teams IMHO

Does anyone agree ?

I hear ya, but we think Garrord is a given down low, only thing wrong with that is he is not.

If it wasn’t for the 3 we wouldn’t be ahead.

We are walking the ball up, tempo is horrid by our choice.

Ball movement constantly stops, which means we have none. Running to many sets. It’s terrible to watch.

We are too young as a team to be effective at this point in the season. If it doesn’t improve we are in trouble

We need this game on road. This is the one road game we SHOULD win. Going to the tourney is difficult to expect at this point

We have to stop them from driving the lane to win the game.

Starks seems to do that at will. He’s very quick. Seems to be little resistance.

Great team win!

Good game Harris - 9 assists!

I will be shocked if this team finishes above .500 in SEC conference.
Hope they prove me wrong, but I just don’t see it.
Nice to get the road win today, but that was a horrible Texas A&M team.
Let’s see how they fare in the next 2 home games with LSU and Florida before a date with Tennessee on the road.
I think they can play with Ole Miss, South Carolina, Missouri, Georgia,Vanderbilt and Texas A&M at home, but other than those possibly one or two more on the road at the most.
Conference prediction, somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7.
NIT Tournament team at best.

Go Hogs!

I don’t get many of these post, regardless a win is a win period, on the road I’ll take it every time.

Don’t think anyone thought we were going to set the world on fire this year considering how young this team is.
That said, a win on the road anywhere in the SEC is commendable, especially when you shoot as poorly as we did & still pull it off.

We were a 3 point under dog with the betting folks. We won on the road beating the betting line. What is wrong with you folks. Be Happy.

In terms of attacking the rim and dishing to Gafford, I believe we do that quite a bit. Part of the problem in my opinion is Gafford. When you dish the ball to a big man, if he has a legit jump shot like Kingsley or Portis had, it would be very successful. Gafford hasn’t shown a consistent jumpshot for defenders to be worried about, so most teams double team Gafford with no worry about him taking a 15 footer.

General is correct about Gafford and the reason why he will spend a bunch of time playing in the G-League until and if he is able to further develop his all around game. He isn’t NBA ready and I’ll contnue to say it until he proves me wrong.
Yes, he will get drafted probably in the first round, but he could’ve done that at the end of last season. Yes, he has a tremendous amount of talent and upside, but without the further development of his skill set he will struggle to be anything more than a spot player at the next level.
That’s just a dose of reality that some on here don’t seem to understand.
It’s not that I just want him to come back for his Junior year, I actually want him to do what would be best to give himself a shot at a ten year career in the NBA.

Go Hogs!

Just curious, why are you saying Texas A&M is horrible? Is it because of their NET? Because their NET is 110, which isn’t great, but it’s horrible either, ours with just in the lower 100s about 2 weeks ago.

Also, Texas A&M had won 5 of their last 6 games, including a win over a PAC-12 school in Oregon State. They also played Washington and Minnesota extremely close only losing by a few points to both of those schools, those games could have went either way.

My guess is you’re saying Texas A&M is horrible because they lost to Texas Southern. If we went by that logic to judge teams, Alabama is horrible because they lost to Northeastern, yet they beat #13 Kentucky today. And South Carolina is horrible, because they lost Stoney Brook and Wyoming, yet they just beat Florida on their home court today.

I can tell you from watching a lot of SEC basketball, there is no give me games or horrible teams in this conference. Those days are gone. The team that was possibly the worst in South Carolina just beat one of the better teams in the conference on their own come court. Any SEC win is a good win. And outside of probably Tennessee, any team can beat any other team on any given night.

Great win for a young inexperienced team, did enough to win and that’s all that matters. Plenty of things to work and build on moving forward for CMA and staff, good job by all, Sec road wins are not easy to come by there will be no gimmies! WPS

I’ll stand by my statement and I’ll be willing to bet you that at seasons end it will prove to be correct.
I know what a good basketball team looks like and I saw neither team today appear to be that.
Yes, we are extremely young and that’s a big part of why we will struggle in SEC play this season, but the fact remains that we just don’t have enough “MEN” to handle the really good teams in the NCAA landscape.
I, like most Hog fans wish they did, but they simply don’t.
Always happy to get a win, but I fear we won’t have more than 7 or 8 more this regular season.

Go Hogs!

I was only able to see the last 5 minutes of the game. But, overall:

—We drive and dish more this year than we have in forever. Harris has made a living with little or no jump shot and either leads the league or is second in assists and many of those are drives and dishes to Gafford.

—Gafford is weak in the post and doesn’t fight for post position.

—Every team in America “settles” for 3s these days. My guess is we don’t shoot a ton of them compared to the rest of the league/country. (EDIT: I checked and we have attempted the 7th most 3s in the 14-team league. That’s an objective FACT). Auburn (12th-ranked team, nationally) has shot 120 more 3s than us and shoots worse. That’s an objective FACT.

—We out rebounded them today on the road. And, this season started with us playing very good defense (per possession). It has slipped, lately, but it’s not awful.

TAMU shot 41% from the field and a whopping 5-24 from 3 point. I’ll take that every time. Won’t you?

People see what they want to see, mostly. A major knock on MA’s teams is that they’re horrible on FTs and that they are atrocious on the road. (EDIT: I just saw a tweet on Twitter that Arkansas is 10-9 since Jan. 2017 in SEC road games. That’s an objective FACT.

Arkansas is 21-25 on the road since 2014–2nd best overall road record in the SEC in that span behind only UK. That’s an objective FACT.

Arkansas’ FT% under Anderson is better than that of any UA coach—including the big fundamental. Eddie Sutton. … 65830?s=21

That’s an objective FACT.

Arkansas is also 2nd in the SEC in the last 2 years in SEC road wins (behind only UK). That’s an objective FACT.

A lot of the MA gripes/“broken records” are not really true based on the objective numbers (ie FACTS compared to the rest of the league—the one in which we’ve been the 3rd best team overall the last several years) but that doesn’t stop people from repeating the same objectively incorrect things over and over.

The response will be that I’m settling for mediocrity blah blah blah.

That’s not it. I don’t think MA has been great but he has been pretty solid. They’re about where I thought they’d be with almost a brand new roster.

He has tendencies that sometimes frustrate me but that’s the case with any coach at any program.

They should have won WKU and GA Tech. Most super young teams have at least 1 clunker. As it turns out, WKU is pretty dangerous. GA Tech is bad and they should have whipped them.

But, today was a good day for the program. And, yet, even when we pick up a big SEC road win, I get on the board and it’s mostly a whine fest.

Just because you stand by something doesn’t mean it’s a fact lol.

Everything you said is an opinion that I’m sure the team, coaches, and most hog fans would disagree with you on. I’m also pretty sure NBA scouts would disagree with you on that Daniel Gafford isn’t a “man” either. And I don’t know how big you are, but I wouldn’t want to be a guy telling Reggie Chaney he isn’t a man, he’s probably like 3-4% body fat and straight muscle.

Also, FYI the actual “facts” are we’re 10-3, and the 3 losses we have were by a combined 7 points, 2-0 in true road games, and we already have a tier 1 win against a very good Indiana team that’s ranked #21 in the nation. Those are unbiased facts about our team. I don’t argue opinions.

You know absolutely nothing about the modern NBA if you think Gafford will be in the G-League. As Dickie V says, you can’t teach 7-feet, and he has some serious skills, which is why he’s in everyone’s mock drafts and has been since last year. Is he a Shaq-style center? No, but there are very few of those any more, possibly none. A first round pick is too much of an investment to farm him out to the G-League. First rounders sign fully guaranteed contracts for two years with two more years at club option. They’re not going to pay somebody millions to go play for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants.

Updated SEC stats: Harris is tied for the league lead in assists with 89 in 13 games. And unless somebody else went off he should be #2 in the nation in assist/turnover ratio at better than 6:1 (89 to 14).

Do I agree that you want a style that we don’t play? Yes. Do I agree that we need the style you want? No!

But, I will respond.

On settling for 3s:
We led the league last year in made 2ptFG. We are middle of the pack this year (probably because of youth)
On driving and dishing:
We have led the league in Assists per game almost every year under MA- Yes 1st freakin’ place
On rebounding:
Lack of height has been an issue. We have been middle of the league. Not really improving.
On getting Gafford the ball:
He leads the team in PPG - b/c we get him the ball
On stopping their pg on the break:
Um, this league is full of excellent pgs that no team can stop.

Honestly, there’s about 30 things that need to happen in a bb game that are coached, and you’ve pointed to 4 that you don’t like. Maybe you should acknowledge the 26 that we do right.