Those uniforms we wore last night were sweet

That is a great look. Do we have any pinstripe models for home?

I don’t like the yellow looking uniforms. They remind me of Oklahoma…crimson and cream. Crisp white and cardinal are our colors, not yellow and crimson.

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Arkansas put those red jerseys back in the rotation this year. They’ve had red jerseys in the past, but these are replicas of the ones worn early in Dave Van Horn’s tenure. They had not worn that design since 2014.

I haven’t seen pinstripe tops in forever, and I don’t think they wear pinstripe pants anymore. I think the pinstripe pants might have been the ones that were turned pink by the Georgia equipment manager a few years ago.

I think if you were to poll the fans, the cream jerseys might be the favorite. These new ones are made of a different material than first ones about 10 years ago. Those were a heavy material and hot. They made the change in 2017 and 2018, and have worn them more frequently since.

From what I can tell, Arkansas has four uniform combinations this year: all white, all gray, all cream, and red tops with white pants.

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That figures, the ones I detest are fan favorites. They look like we discovered them in an old closet in the 1940’s.

Slap a running Hog on anything and it becomes my favorite.

I like the cream a lot. Old style.


My earliest memories of Arkansas baseball were of red jerseys and white pants. I guess that’s why I like them the best.

I like them too…a lot. As you say, old school.

However, I wish they still had the red piping around the placket of the shirt, as they originally did (see pic below).

Yes, I know those shirts were too hot; but they could use the new material and still retain the piping.

And, by the way, the “retro” look (Red with the script “Arkansas”) that we wore last night is my favorite of all. I never understood why they retired it…a GREAT look. Glad it’s back.

I think our cream uniforms are one of the best in all of college baseball

But I agree about the piping. Those are sweet

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The cream are the best baseball jerseys in college athletics. The reds we wore last night are fantastic. The other two that @MattJones posted with the pointy font can’t be ditched soon enough.

My guess is those will be phased out soon. I think the overwhelming sentiment is to return to more classical-looking jerseys in all sports.

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