Those four sports Iowa cut

From the school’s required filing with the federal government, combined expenses for swimming (men and women), men’s tennis and men’s gymnastics in 2018-19 was about $900,000. I don’t think that includes scholarships, but those partial scholarships usually mean the school makes money overall on thosr athletes.

Iowa just paid over $1 million to make its football strength coach, who had been the highest paid in the country, go away. That’s the same coach that numerous Black football players cited as creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for them.

Pay off a coach, cut four sports. Hmmm.

That’s sad.

Great find Jeff. Concur.

Balancing the books I guess. I figure it will be difficult to fire a coach in this economic climate as far as the power 5 football and basketball coaches. How many sports would you have to abandon to fire a $3 million football coach that has a buyout of twice that? But then again, how many fans are going to return if they don’t like the coach. Delicate balancing act. Maybe darn near close to impossible.

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