Those clowns that called the football game today

Were clearly Alabama homers. They lost intrest in the game and bickered among themselves about Mac Jones draft possibilities.

ritchie, you are absolutely spot on with that observation. I muted the sound in the middle of the second quarter when it got to be too much for me to listen to.

I have been informed by some on this board, the girls seventh grade study hall banter is what this new generation wants rather focus on the game, but when I watch a game I don’t feel it unreasonable to have someone tell me who was involved in the play and the down and distance. This crew actually got so involved in their side conversations they totally missed one of Arkansas’ few good offensive plays.


Their argument about NFL drafting of QBs went on and on, and it was an argument. I also turned the sound down.

Going to the game eliminates this issue.

Were they the same two that called the Florida game by chance? The two that went on and on about the Florida qb?

The worst I ever heard, excluding any game called by Walton, was when we beat LSU in basketball, and they had Ben Simmons.

I am not exaggerating when I say that “ben simmons” was mentioned about 200 times in that game.

and we won by 25 points! one series, we stopped them, had a fast break for a nice quick score, and the entire time they were going on an on about “Ben simmons”.

that was the same game that he was visibly F-bombing everyone and everything, including the refs and his own coaches and our players. and they just kept on raving about “ben simmons”.

I recorded the game, and would play sequences for friends of mine, since my words cannot do justice to the number of times those clowns said “ben simmons”.


I remember that game.

What was most annoying to me listening to the game was they made a bunch of statements out of context to make Alabama look better than they were. Alabama doesn’t need their help to look good, but ignoring factors like the last score Bama made against our 2nd and 3rd string defense. You would have thought bama scored on our 1st string the way they went on about how great their freshmen are against us.

Yeah…I know what you mean. Felt like we were the “New Jersey Generals” on the “Alabama Game of the Week”.

I don’t blame them, however. With a one-sided arse-kicking like that, where one team is a legit National Championship/Heisman team, what else are they going to talk about? Not the competitiveness of the game. And they did try to bring in a fe storylines about our players.

So, I get it…but it was like we were generic “guest stars” on the Alabama show.

Y’all have made me so very glad that I listened to Chuck and Geno (with reports from Quinn in quarantine.)

It wasn’t the best crew I have watched, but it wasn’t the worst either.

Not a lot to analyze when one team is so much better than the other.


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