Is anyone else surprised at how little Thompson has developed his upper body over the last few years?

His first order of business was redefining his mid-body, which he did by over 50 pounds.

I understand he is lifting over 200 pounds more in the bench than he did in high school so I think it might just be an aesthetic thing and not a strength thing you are seeing.

Dudley–over 200 more than HS? I marvel at folks with 350 lb lift or more, and I think you just defined him as being even stronger than that. BB players lifting 400 lbs? Do they do that? What lift do he do?

Maybe so. He looked more cut last year than he does this year–as if he has gained back some bad weight.

His play has improved the last few weeks, though. I was happy to see him take and make a shot (16 fter) that I knew he had from seeing him play in HS. I don’t think he had previously made one at UA.

He did make two jump shots from top of the key last year that I can remember. Not many, that is why you probably don’t remember.

I meant wing jumpers.


From muy understanding, he bench pressed some 175 in high school.

He lived in the weight room his freshman year and off-season.

It is all on the kid when it comes to putting on weight or losing weight. The S&C coaches can put them through great workouts and now with the new NCAA rules they can feed them full meals and provide them with an unlimited amount of healthy snacks. But when you are going to Wendy’s, McDonals or Taco Bell at midnight 4-5 times a week it outweighs everything mentioned above.

Last year the coaches tried to help Jimmy Whitt put on some weight but he wouldn’t even drink all of the protein shakes that he was given or eat consistently throughout the day. So it doesn’t matter what the staff does if the kid is only eating 2 meals a day and drinking half a protein shake they won’t making any kind of weight gains.

Yeah he has put on some bad weight for sure. He can still be effective (and was the other night), but could be much better.

Steven Hill was the poster child for how much strength and body development one can do in 4 years.