Thompson or Moody?

If we only get one, who do we want and why? I really like Bryce but not sure who fills a bigger need.

Bryce Thompson would attract Moses Moody. I’ve been saying this for months. (Talent attracts Talent) But if I had to choose it would be Bryce.

My guess on the 2020 class:

  1. Rondel Walker
  2. K.K. Robinson (early signee)
  3. Eddie Lampkin (early signee)
  4. Jaylin Williams
  5. Bryce Thompson

Outside shot: Chris Moore/Moses Moody

I’ll disagree with your picks, I think we might (emphasis on MIGHT) get one of those. Two we will be lucky.

As for Moody or Thompson, neither. Both are good, BUT one is a one and done, he will only be here a year, and we will lose some good players with him when he leaves (complete rebuild). The other (and those around him) thinks he is a one and done. I can see a Darious Hall attitude with him. Muss has already showed one highly recruited guy (at Nevada) you don’t work, you don’t play. This kid would be a negative influence the year he is here, and his “handlers” would continue long after he’s gone.

Doesn’t Thompson have an offer from the Tarheels? If true I see noway he’s a Razorback.

UNC is in his Final 7, but I actually think OU will be the team to beat for him. I think he’s following the Trae Young path

FWIW 247 doesn’t seem to like our chances for any of those players except Robinson and Lampkin.