Thompson is...

A liability tonight. Can’t protect the basket down low.

He can pass…

Hall can’t move him out of the way either.

7 boards and 5 assists tonight. I’ll take it.

He fell sleep only on one Alley-oop dunk. He did ok the rest of the time.

These stats you have pointed out are far more important than the back door that was allowed. Trey Thompson keeps doing the dirty work and has made plays that have directly impacted wins!

Trey had a pretty decent game. I think our coaching staff exposes his lack of mobility with the high ball switches at the top of the key. Love Trey’s effort but coaches must know you cannot deploy the EXACT same defensive scheme when he is in the game as you do when Gafford is in. I think the Hogs at times could go with a quicker smaller lineup when Gafford gets in foul trouble. Gabe, Cook or Bailey instead of Trey–it should be dependent upon the opponent.

I think ZONE helps Trey Thompson by keeping him from switching on to small quick guys away from the basket. Trey can stay in the lane area to patrol and rebound while not getting exhausted with trapping man & switches. I think long and quick guys like CJ, Hall, Bailey, and Macon are good defenders in the zone.