What is the love affair with him, especially with so many turnovers, missed shots, needless fouls, Etc. Killed us time after time early then still plays. Why not Cook?

That is a great question. Thomas has not shown D-1 ability on a consistent basis.

Reply: Thomas has small hands and really need to spend time in the off season in the Weight Room…our fours aren’t very physical, of course with a year under their belt it could make night and day difference next season and or post season play

Haven shaken hands with Dustin Thomas, I am not sure where you are getting the small hands deal.

He has had his moments this season, but has not been consistent in any phase.

I am sure that confidence is a factor at this point

I have no doubt he will be better next season.

He has played an average of 17.9 this season, 16.9 in SEC play

Cook has played an average of 11.9 in both.

Obviously Trey and Moses play the best together

Maybe the stats will disprove it, but It seems Cook is more effective on both ends in his lesser time on the court.

As fans we need to encourage. These players are all young me that want to win. We could not throw the orange in the ocean in the first half. Fell behind and got beat. No big deal. It’s over. On to Georgia.
On Saturday hope that all the 4’s show up and play lights out.
The team lost tonight not one player.
The experience these guys get this use will improve our hogs for next year. I hope all of these guys hit the weight room and work hard to get stronger and faster. They can improve and with incoming talent we will get better.
The hogs are going to the NCAA tournament. I bet the fans of Texas A&M would love to have our team

I agree. We need a big off season strength and development program.

Some of that plus existing and future talent after being just good enough to make NCAAs this year, and program is back showing more NCAAs on annual basis again.

you would have thought he would have done that during his redshirt year

I think he did just not enough focus.
The incoming talent will help. Look at what J Williamson is doing at middle Tennessee
He would have been here last year and their year. We have core talent coming back and top talent coming in next year.
Then we should be able to build a wall around our state and keep the talent on the hill.
There are several kids that left and did not want to be hogs. That’s caused by the hogs not being in the spot light. Winning.

Thomas and Cook have remarkably similar numbers in SEC play. Both have had their games. Thomas was very good against a big and talented A&M frontline. Cook came to the rescue against Auburn. As soon as we lose a game, we have guys without D-I talent. Amazing.

They had a bad game no big deal. Don’t let it get everyone down. We shoot the ball poorly and it snowballed.
They will come out aginst Georgia and put up a hard fought game. Our hogs are in good shape.