This young nucleus looks very promising

Most in the 2018 class have really impressed and I like what I have seen from Harris as a sophmore and the improve from Gabe as a role/utility guy.

Keep the core of Joe, Chaney, Embery, Jones, Harris, Sills, together over the next 3-4 years and add to it ('19 and '20 classes need to be strong, can’t take naps) and we might really see the kind of big time winning we haven’t seen in a long time.

I agree, and would also add, I look very forward to seeing Jordan in the mix.

When Jordan Phillips returns…this squad will likely be the most talented team Coach Anderson has assembled since he came back home. I have been disappointed in the results for his tenure here, but it looks like, to me, he has got this program about where he needs to have it. We have an extremely young, inexperienced squad, but man they have some potential. We look about ready to bust loose…maybe, not this year, but soon.

This year should be a fun year to watch these guys grow up. We have a point guard to run the offense, Harris, a couple of shooters in Joe and Jones, and a man-child in Chaney. Then we have a very athletic, but still raw center in Gafford. He could lead us a long way if he could stay another year, but we know that ain’t gonna happen. Coach Anderson has some unorthodox methods, but his teams usually get better as the season progresses. This team may be a handful by year end if Gafford matures a good deal.

I know very little about Phillips, but I have read what others say about him. A big guard or wing who can handle the ball and a good all-around player. I am excited to watch him come play and add to the team.

Making the NCAA’s might be a stretch, but we should be fun to watch all year.

What about Keyshawn Embery. Not much being said about him and he has not played very much. Has done some good things while in per the stats.

Has mostly played the 2 with Sills as the PG for the 2nd unit. Has a nice looking shot from 3pt range (hit at least 5-6 3s last 2 games combined). Has not done much in terms of driving the lane. Solid player, nothing flashy.

Pretty good synopsis.

This probably is the most talented team CMA has had! There will be depth with scoring threats. I also think the hogs could make the Dance. They have talent. One thing for sure they will be fun to watch.
Maybe they show out in El Paso and beat the horns.

Still dont understand the Dada transfer.

I guess I don’t understand it either since I have no idea what “Dada” means. Is that a reference to Darious Hall?

Yes, the player formerly known as Dada(pronounced day day) and now known as Da Hall of Depaul. Great career move. While I had high hopes for this young man, we may be better off without him. It appears the malcontent, Dustin Thomas, was more of an influence on Darious than our coaches. Unfortunate for him, but we will be just fine.

We have a solid group of freshman but everybody needs to understand that it’s going to take a while for this group to become a solid team. They are going to take some licks probably this non-conference. I’ve said it before but I think it’s great that we are playing two tough teams right off the bat in Texas and Indiana. Western Kentucky and Florida International will also be tough games. When Reggie Perry decommited it hurt more than I think people realize. With him on this roster, I would tell all of you that we make the tournament without hesitation. With this smaller and young line up, the SEC tournament maybe what determines if we make the NIT or NCAA tournament.

The bagman knocked on Reggie’s door and momma opened it…