This young and very smart O-lineman will

be on the Hill on Sat. He’s scored a 33 on his ACT. I never had to worry about making a score like that.


The most amazing part is that he took the ACT as an 8th grader!

Each of his parents is a college All-American and Olympian.

Sounds like our track program might be an advantage for us in recruiting this young man.


We’d prolly would have had a full out investigation on that, Richard. Not saying you couldn’t but the “tote board” might have tilted!!!

According to the recruiting projections, we are not even on the radar yet. Hopefully that changes after Saturday.

He’s a freshman and just starting the process.


I talked to his coach John Perry and this kid is a freak. He’s just a freaking freshman and he said he did four reps of 365 on the bench recently. That’s insane for a kid his age and then throw in his long arms.

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