This year's schedule

I think there is a good chance we’ll learn the new football schedule this week, perhaps as early as today.

The trouble is, it might be workable or not. I suspect it will be another two weeks before any final schedules might be okay.

I doubt any schedule that has not been approved by the ADs would be publicized. Appreciate the heads up from Matt.

I don’t think the schedule will be released today.

Yeah, the USCe Rivals guy didn’t know, lol.

I saw that report, but that’s not my source of information, if that is what you are insinuating.

The ADs met on a call today. I still think there’s a good chance the schedule is announced tomorrow or Friday.

I think the schedule that is released — whenever it happens — will be the final schedule that is compiled this year. It will be the one the ADs have agreed upon.

Maybe your source got it from him, lol. I’m sure we’re all ready to know what the schedule will be, so we’ll know what games we’ll be canceled out of this year. I hope I’m wrong as I plan on attending all of them, assuming they allow it. We’ll have to have the numbers get a lot better over the next month to play football.

I’m convinced, only by observation, that there will be no fan attendance this season, if there is one.

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I am convinced the season will be in shambles by week 4 if in fact it ever gets that far.

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Pittman has a presser scheduled this afternoon. Talking about the just released schedule would be great…even if it is just the teams and dates are yet to come.

I just heard from a Ga connection that we are playing them in Athens.

At least we won’t have to face them in a terribly rowdy home environment. It’s good to get these cupcakes out of the way, though. We should be able to handle them, LSU, Alabama & Auburn pretty well this year. :smirk:

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From a standpoint of our opposition, it will be the toughest schedule in UofA history.

With that said, I don’t have any confidence that we will be able to complete whatever schedule is announced.

I’m afraid I share that concern. We’re in a 19 game SEC losing streak. It’s tough to turn that around in a year or two. I’d be thrilled if we could pick up 3 wins this year. Would be pretty darned happy with 2. (Still doubt there’s a season, though.)

At this point, with no confidence we can finish 10 games, I’d be happy playing two or three, win one and shut it down from there.


Me too

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