This Year's Expectations

The two exhibition games showed youth, turnovers and poor free-throws. Coming to Texas game, I expected a loss in double digit. Surprisingly the young team showed poise and did not lose control, hung in there and almost won the game. I see a young team deep in talent. We have several that can drive and shoot, and several that have the size to work down low. Unfortunately, the experience is an expensive stuff, you pay for it with losses. You may play a good game and lose it in the end, because of a missed free throw, or making an ill-advised pass etc. etc. On that basis, I expect we’ll have an up and down year. They’ll be good by the end of the year, hopefully, win enough in the meantime to qualify for NCAA tourney.

A very good assessment in my opinion.

Gafford needs to hit FT’s, but I bet he will. still an elite rebounder/shot blocker/garbage scorer, but also hit a mid-range jumper. If he can start hitting those…watch out. he’ll be a top 1-2 drafted player.

Loved new PG, loved Joe! loved Sills’ attitude, and I bet he really plays well for us. Our next Beck?

Gabe forced things, but looked athletic. Bailey looked much better than last year. Jones was up and down, but not bad for a first game against a quality opponent.

Chaney had a bad game, but I"m really excited to watch him play.

I was very surprised taht this group of young/new players went to a hs gym in the middle of texas and played texas toe to toe. not a perfect game at all, but Mike’s players always need 1/2 season to gel. usually we can struggle early but by conference look decent.

This group, despite so many new faces, looks way ahead of schedule.

On the other hand, we still switch every defensive possession, so we still have Gafford at the top of the circle and a point guard under the basket guarding a center WAAAAAAAAAAAAYY too often, I’ll just never understand or agree with this.

As always, this season will be judged in the NCAA tourney, but at least now I"ll be surprised if we don’t make it.


Poor free-throw shooters can work at it and improve greatly but remain inconsistent vs good free throw shooters, who miss every now and then but consistent to remain at 75 to 80%. I take any improvements from Gafford.

This team will be fun to watch. Having a shooter like Joe will keep you in a lot of games. I think Gafford will continue to get better at all aspects of his game. He seems to be a hard worker. And, all the other members of this squad will probably have a game or two when they bust out. The problem is nearly every team in the SEC seems loaded. Looking forward to the season.

This basketball season will be a blast. We have a youthful team full of talent and they will come together. As they learn their roles and get used to playing the game with each other.
The turnover they commit will surely take a step down by conference time and they will begin to understand what a good shot is and who should be shooing from where.
The free throw shooting has to improve. It’s confidence more than anything.
I believe they will earn a birth in the dance and should be able to be 500 in league play. They will need to beat some tier teams in conference play. The Indy game needs to be a W!

This year we are experiencing a Kentucky scenario, many freshman talents. As you recall how they struggled during the year; at one point lost 4 in a row. But by the end of the year, they became a final four type of team. Hopefully, we win enough to qualify while improving. As someone said, SEC is loaded.

Improve the free throw shooting and get more bench production and I don’t see any reason why we can’t be dancing again this year.

improve the perimeter defense as well I still don’t like how we guard the three Texas shot the ball horribly when we face a better shooting team leaving the three open like that will cost us big time. Basketball is a game of runs hopefully we get some production from our bench and Gafford matures to lead more by example i.e. make the big shoots and free throws… Disclaimer: I like Mason Jones game he is a great addition, Joe is amazing, Adrio looks improved, Jalen Harris played with composer he looks the part…Gabe smh …Embery and Chaney should play better and gain added confidence by playing lesser competition this week that should translate to confidence in other games (they just need to see the ball go in the basket)…Sills looks like another Beck great fit for our system

We have a whole lot of talent and even more inexperience, will get better with time no doubt as will every team we play. I look to play about 500 ball through conference and a tough time getting to the dance. That’s my thoughts but I’m hoping to be wrong, I like the talent and quickness it fits CMA playbook very well. My worries is the same as everyone has, free throws and Gafford foul trouble, you fix those issues and we are a totally different animal. WPS

I think the announcers got it right when they said this young team needs to learn how to communicate on the floor. On fast breaks who is picking up the ball handler & who is taking the passing lanes & protecting the basket, etc.
Same will apply on half court defense also.
All of this is part of the learning curve for a young team.
They already proved they can play with a pretty good P5 program at a semi neutral site.