This Year's Draft Make CBB Look Pretty Bad

Watching the NFL draft the last two nights has been an enlightening experience.
Arkansas has been a total non-factor so far and I expect that to continue into Day Three. Watching players drafted from Delaware, No. Illinois, Central Michigan, Vanderbilt, etc just shows how little talent we have had on our favorite team.
I was a supporter of CBB until Chaney and Pittman left and even gave him the benefit of the doubt there after. I never did buy into his boast of being a coach that turned two and three star players into four stars because the evidence didn’t support it. But as each recruiting class was announced I didn’t view them as being horrible. Some I thought were actually pretty good. Shows how little I know.
I am interested in what everyone else thinks on this question: Was the key failing of CBB and staff in recruiting good players or developing players, or both? We did see highly regarded recruits never improve despite ample opportunity.
I don’t intend this to be a bash CBB event. I am just trying to analyze how we got the this point and how much hope there is that we will get this turned around under CCM. So far it looks promising.

Complete lack of talent, is overwhelming to those who really looked.

Last year we had maybe 6-8 true SEC players on the team, and I personally don’t think that’s an exaggeration at all. 6-8 guys who would possibly have a chance to play for another SEC team. The rest, wouldn’t make the cut, would likely be at a weaker P5 conference, with a lot in non P5 level of talent.

You look at a team like Ms State, and see the talent they had, that Mullen left. Just through the first two rounds they had 3 first round picks and a 2nd round pick. He left that team in good shape, but Moorhead just isn’t any good, IMO.

I have higher expectations this year, but I’ll be realistic and remember this team is still depleted by Bielema and Co.

I really understand the 2 and 10 season last year. Thanks to the big goof. Feel sorry for Coach CM.

I hope the rumors about Arkansas ceasing buyout payments are true. The fact this lush is still being paid each month by the RF after completely wrecking the program is galling.

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FWIW, we now have 3 drafted. They just said Tennessee, Va Tech and Nebraska all have zero at this point.

I went back to see how many people were drafted off some of our better teams; the '75 Cotton Bowl champion, for instance. The draft was more than 7 rounds then so I left off anyone drafted in the 8th round or later. That '75 team had a total of 13 players drafted in the top 7 rounds over four years. The '77 Orange Bowl champs had only seven players drafted in the top 7 rounds.

The 2015 team which beat K-State in the Liberty Bowl had 11 players drafted, including today. Not that different.

I’m just not sure how well the coaching staff below CBB evaluated the talent they brought onto scholarship and selected the right ones to make into starters. ArmonWatts is an excellent example. He was a highly valued recruit but it wasn’t until his senior year that he made an impact. Injuries? Perhaps. Sticking with players week after week despite poor performance says either the talent behind them is really bad or the coach has a blind spot and just can’t overcome it. As a result, you have talented recruits transfer before they ever get the opportunity to play meaningful minutes in a game. Oh, this is the football board, maybe I’m thinking about basketball. No, I’m talking about football. I don’t have that in depth knowledge to know how well CBB was as the “CEO” of the team when it came to giving guidance to his staff. I put it on the position staff to recruit, develop, and make the necessary recommendations for the depth chart. The head coach makes the final decision of course.

6 of those 11, bielema did not recruit.

I think Swine is just saying 3 - 4 per year is probably the norm for us.

Yup. Even with our better teams, which obviously do not include 2017-18, we have some draftable talent but not a huge amount.

What was really appalling about CBB was his mouth always talking how close we were… give and take — lies and booze.

I would be really careful about throwing around allegations like that. People have sued, and won, over negative (and incorrect) stuff posted on college sports message boards. Specifically a coach who was rumored to be sleeping with the wife of a major booster. I can’t remember if the coach or the wife sued, but they won. Think they can’t find out who you or JR or anyone else is who has been spreading this stuff? Think again.

Second, if he said “we really suck and we’re not going to win another game,” you would have howled even louder. It’s coach speak.

Third, he’s been gone for two years. Get the hell over it.

Given Bielema had a very public DUI while an assistant at K State I don’t think he’d have much in the way of a case for someone mentioning his propensity to like the bottle.

If you’re talking about the whole PJ fleck ordeal, the lady suing didn’t win that case. It was ‘resolved’ privately. Who knows what that entails, but she didn’t win the case, where she was asking for 25k and attorney fees paid for. Maybe she found out those posters actually had some evidence that it was true, or they just gave her some money to shut up, highly unlikely… considering she’s a major booster. My guess is she was less happy with what came from it and that’s why they decided to drop it. Hmm… or that the case wasn’t going to stand a chance in a defamation case because it’s on a dang message board, I’d just say I got hacked and it wasn’t really me. No lawyer or anything, but it doesn’t seem like that would ever have much of a chance in reality.

Either way… that whole spill was a bit over dramatic…

Get the hell over it?

Get the hell over it??
you never followed your advice regarding BP

Mentioning lies and booze about CBB is like profiling drama and queen about you … they are not allegations.