This year's Bat Contract

Random question I know, but who do we have our bat contract with this year? I know we have been with Easton forever, but I saw us using Easton bats, Rawlings bats and Demarini bats in the State Farm Classic. How do we get away with that? Do we not have a contract with any of the bat manufactures? Just curious…

Any more, players are going to pick their own bats. That’s the way it should be. I am sure Dave Van Horn made that decision. The bat contracts have always been with the coach.

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I heard the bat contract might have changed to Marucci in the fall.

EDIT: UALR agreed to a bat and equipment deal with Marucci last year. Still checking.

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The bat contracts have diminished big time because of Covid. They are almost nothing.

Dave Van Horn’s contract with Easton expired at the end of last season. There is no batting contract this year and the Razorbacks are free to use whatever equipment they prefer. That’s why you saw so many different kinds of bats being used in Arlington.

The Razorbacks plan to sign another batting contract before the 2022 season, but the next one will be with the university, not the coach, as has been custom in years past.

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Thanks Matt! I’m always interested in uniforms/apparel kind of stuff. Don’t know why, just like keeping up with that stuff. One of my favorite follows on twitter is UniWatch.

Isn’t/wasn’t Marucci the athletic trainer at LSU along with a bat tycoon?

EDIT: He was. And he sold the bat company last year for $200 million. Nice. Although he had gotten investment from several major leaguers, so all that money didn’t go in his pocket; the investors got their share.

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