This Year's Basketball Team

The cupcake season is over and reality is in. We still don’t know what kind of team we have. Is it good enough to make it to a post season tournament? To do so, they must at least finish in the top five knowing SEC sent three to NCAA last year. What I saw last knight, was an eye-opener in talent difference between the two teams. They were taller, quicker to the ball, took it inside and dunk, dished it outside and knocked 3’s. They took away our inside game, and killed us on the board. We still managed to make it a respectable score at the end. From what I have learned from other teams, no one is easy and others are as good. Coach A has to ride this patchwork of a team to next couple years, when better talent is coming. Meantime I have no high expectations. If something good happens, I take it.