This Year Proves We Need Elite

Talent recruited or we have to wait to see good talent develop their game. Cade C showed why he is the projected #1 pick this year, just taking over the game down the stretch. MM also showed his chops in the 2nd half, yet I didn’t see him getting to take the shots down the stretch for us. Unless we have another Mason Jones story where a kid develops into a big time player with time in the program(maybe Devo or KK or Williams) Muss better start signing top 50 talent, ready to play and excel day 1…studs!

Weren’t 3 of last year’s class pretty highly rated?

I personally think this roster is talented.
There are deficiencies but overall, this is a pretty talented roster.
I think this team is lacking several things tho:

  1. Toughness
  2. An identity
  3. A “go to “ scorer
  4. Inside presence on both ends.
    There just seems to be something missing on this current team besides talent tho.
    I just can’t put my finger on it. They don’t seem to be buying what Muss is selling.

All 4 freshmen were top 100 recruits according to ESPN. None were top 20 recruits. I think that everyone needs to let the team play. If they don’t have acceptable results, then let the discussion begin.

swinesong, I really think Jaylin Williams can give you 1 and 4, he just needs confidence. I think if he went out there with a confident mentality and got 20-25 minutes a game, he’d be an 8 point 10 board kind of guy, maybe even hit double double - his stats point that way already, just has low PT. You know Notae wants to be #3!!! - but I think his best role is a spark off the bench.

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Agree with all your points.
Notae definitely doesn’t lack for confidence.

I think the only real problem with this team is not a lack of talent but rather a lack of a true point guard. We have a plethora of 2 guards that are adequate point guards but no player that can truly run the team on the offensive end. Our guards fall into a mindset of dribbling to create themselves a shot rather than a few dribbles to pass to someone that is open. I say that and I really like this team, the players, and the guards on it. Just none of them play the point with a point guard mentality.


Which player addition would run Musselman Offense the best:

A. Kareem Reid

B. Jannero Pargo

C. Corey Beck

I’ll vote A & D…

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Sorry typing too fast :sweat_smile:

C … it is clear grammer coach

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Any of the three and we probably beat OSU and Tennessee at their place.

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Jaylin Williams is shooting almost 63% from the field. Needs to shoot more. He’s hurting the team passing up good shots in the offense.

Don’t know if it’s confidence issue or what.

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CEM’s history is to play rangy combo guards at the point. Beck would most fit his MO. At least on O the guy that could really improve this team is probably Daryl Macon. He was good in a lot of areas where this team is a little suspect. He could handle without TOs, score against good D when the O breaks down, get to the line, and close games.

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Pargo was no slouch his last year. I would love to see this team with him at the point. You really couldn’t go wrong with any of them. Like I said earlier this team just needs point guard play. I truly believe everything else would begin to fall into place. We don’t need an All-American or even All SEC point guard, just a quality college point guard. I really like this team. We just don’t have a “Last Five-Minutes of a Close Game” point guard

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