This year has reminded me of 1990 for a while

I remembered that we struggled against Princeton in the opening round (68-64), but until I looked it up I didn’t remember struggling in the second round vs. #12 Dayton (86-84). We blew out North Carolina in the 3rd round before a close game with Texas in the round of 8.

I lot of upsets that year too. As has been noted, we were a #4, never played a higher seeded team until #3 Duke in the Final 4.

I was at the first two games in Austin. Princeton ran us crazy with backdoor cuts and Todd Day had to get a tipin at the end to beat Dayton.

My wife was five months pregnant at the time. Before the Dayton game, UNC upset 1 seed Mobilehoma. She said my son was dancing in utero when the Tar Heel band played during timeouts. As we all know, the Paperclip band only knows one song and nobody dances to that.


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