This would be hard to top

If Grant Gunnel became the Hogs’ first commitment for the 2019 class.

That would help with a lot of skill guys in the 19 and 2020 classes.

Richard…what is his timetable for making a decision? Thanks man!


Make it happen, Beejayhog! :smiley: Are people in your neck of the woods high on Chad Morris? ghg

He’s going to announce a Top 3 soon. Oklahoma State is the one to watch out for with Gunnell.

I keep seeing this in several places. Almost to the degree that Oklahoma State is his likely pick and that his Arkansas interest is not as great as many think. What’s the deal here? I thought when Chad Morris was hired that we were thought of as his likely school.

We’ve never been his likely school. When Chad Morris was hired, it definitly raised his intrest in us. I expect us to be in his Top 3. Just saying that there are a couple of other schools he has more interest in as of right now.

Gohawgsgo, they absolutely love Chad Morris in East Texas. And, remember Chad is not only going after the top players but top coaches, too. There is at least one more great high school coach down here Scott Surratt will be gunning for his seventh state title in 10 seasons at Carthage, TX. Scott is the guy who developed that 6-7 QB at Texarkana who did so well for the Hogs. Stay tuned.