This would be an interesting Regional in Fayetteville

That would be a brutal regional for the Hogs IMO.

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I agree. TCU beat us the opening weekend in Arlington. At the time I thought TCU would be a very good team. Oregon St is tough. They still haunt me.

Fortunately, those projections don’t mean much. No telling what the reality will look like.

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Exactly my thoughts. Pure unadulterated guess.

D1 Baseball project Fayetteville Regional as

1 Us
4 Maine

2 Indiana
3 Oklahoma

How would Oregon State not be a Regional Host. They are ranked #10 by D-1 Baseball. Texas is #20 and Boston College is #22. Does RPI have that much weight.

Texas is #20 in rankings and #23 in RPI
Oregon State #10 in ranking and #30 in RPI

Depends if NCAA wants to spread the love west or not. I’m sure ESPN wants some games on in the later window, how much weight that carries remains to be seen.

And if the Seeds were to hold…

Twinkle Toes at BWS for the Super. :roll_eyes:

Facing Skenes in our CWS opener. :unamused:

Last year, we were a consensus #10 (ranked anywhere from #8 to #13 in the various polls) at this very week of the season. To go along with that, we had a very solid 18-12 SEC record. However, we also had an RPI in the middle 20’s.

We ended up NOT hosting a Regional - instead we were shipped over to Stillwater.

Compare those metrics to Oregon State and you have your answer. RPI is not the end-all, be-all; but it does factor heavily into the selection process.