This will make you smile

Small town celebrating a state championship in football.

Megan is from Pierce, Neb. and they won the Class C-1 state championship for the second time in three years on Tuesday. This video is so cool.


Yes indeed, great to see the celebration.

There is something about a community the right size for everyone to enjoy sports. Great celebration that will keep memories alive for a long time. District championships where the town travels with players is something special.

Cool. Got to love that

Nebraska loves their football. The whole state must be sick about what has become of the huskers since joining the big 10/11/12.

Very cool. Small towns like that live & breathe by their sports teams.
Congrats on winning the championship.

Yeah that is what it’s all about,gotta love it

When I played the video (without reading the intro), I thought it was an episode of “48 Hours”.